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The name of this project “Auxin” comes from Greek (auxano) and means “to grow”. 

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) started this project to accomplish their task of supporting SU academics in their teaching responsibilities.

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The Auxin-project therefore has as its aim to create the following growth opportunities for SU academics:

  • Windows for innovative teaching and assessment practices on campus
  • Opportunities for academics to examine and deepen their knowledge about topics of own interest in the arena of teaching and learning at SU
  • A Scholarship of teaching and learning route on the growth route of becoming reflective lecturers.

Auxins take place monthly during lunch time (12:45 – 13:45), “padkos” will be provided.

Venue:  Den Bosch opposite “Skuilhoek”, 41 Victoria Street (directly behind the Conservatoire).

Bookings:  Nothemba Nqayi
E-mail:  nothemban@sun.ac.za
Tel:  021 808 3717

For resources of previous Auxins, click here.

Resources will be made available after the Auxin.  Click here.

​2019 AUXINS

The next Auxins will take place on 27 August 2019 in Education Building room 3008; and on 17 September 2019 in Den Bosch.  Time:  12:45-13:45.


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