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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fund for Innovation and R​​esea​rch into Learning and Teaching (FIRLT)

In line with its Learning and Teaching policy​, Stellenbosch University established the Fund for Innovation and Research into Learning and Teaching (FIRLT) in 2005 in order to encourage a culture of innovation and reflection in learning and teaching at the University. The fund provides an opportunity for lecturers to innovate, evaluate effective practices and processes, and to investigate learning and teaching problems, solutions and trends.  It also provides a mechanism for the dissemination of results designed to improve the quality of learning and teaching.  Any lecturer, team of lecturers or Centre responsible for learning and teaching, may apply for an award.​

FIRLT awards are made twice a year by a subcommittee of the Committee for Learning and Teaching. Proposals are funded up to a maximum of R50 000. All applications are considered by the FIRLT Committee:



How to Apply for FI​RLT Awards:

Develop your idea, talk to colleagues, CTL advisors or one of the FIRLT Committee members, and then complete the electronic FIRLT application form here.
NB: See this document for guidelines for applications​​​​​​​​​

  You should pay special attention to the guidelines of the Senate-approved proposal​ for the fu​​nd.

How to Rep​​ort on FIRLT Awards:

​Use this template to report on your FIRLT project

​ ​ 

How to get Support for FIRLT Proje​​​cts:​

​​In support of FIRLT/FINLO-projects, the university offers writing retreats. Writing retreats offer dedi cated writing time away ​from the office. It usually takes place during May and November for both new and experienced teaching and learning researchers. The purpose of the writing retreat is to work on FIRLT/FINLO proposals or L&T publications. For more information about Writing retreats, Writing by Hours (Slow scholarship)​, click here.​

Academics can also contact the CTL advisor in their faculty for support with FIRLT applications.
Click here for your advisor's contact details. 


Some FIRLT S​​uccesses:

Video streaming to aid neurology training ​​​Video streaming.png

Thanks to funding provided by Stellenbosch University's (SU) Fund for Innovation and Research into Learning and Teaching (FIRLT), video-conferencing facilities and off-site neurology training can now be implemented at three clinical learning centres across the Western Cape.

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For a list of previous FIRLT-recipients and their contact details, ​click here.

Important information regarding 2020 FIRLT applications can be found here:

  FINLO COVID-19 Communique 28 April 2020​​​​​​​​​​

Contact Details

FIRLT 2020 Deadlines

  •   6 November 2020​​​​