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​​​​​PREDAC  is the SU short course for the Professional Educational Development of Academics.  Contact convener Claudia Swart for more info at claudias2@sun.ac.za.  Read more about Predac 2019 here.

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For their final assessment, Predac participants presented posters of their teaching and learning interventions at the SOTL conference of 30 October 2019.

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The PRONTAK/PREDAC programme is annually presented for newly appointed academics at Stellenbosch University.

During this programme participants will, together with other newly appointed lecturers from different disciplines, be given the opportunity to reflect on their views, knowledge and assumptions about teaching, learning and assessment within the context of current thoughts on university teaching. Practical and innovative approaches towards teaching and assessment tasks will be addressed throughout the course. National and institutional frameworks which direct Higher Education in South Africa and at Stellenbosch University (SU) will be covered as well.

Participants will be challenged to judge how knowledge and policy can be applied in a meaningful way in their own subject areas. They will eventually leave with a conceptual framework that will enable them to reflect on teaching, learning and assessment in order to plan and expand their own teaching practices.

The programme also provides a unique opportunity for participants to forge relationships with colleagues from their own faculty as well as other departments and faculties in a collegial atmosphere. In addition, they will be introduced to the institutional culture of SU which will hopefully help them feel at home more swiftly.

​Structure of the programme

At the end of each year, Vice-Deans (L&T) nominate participants for the PREDAC-programme. Informal learning opportunities start during the first semester while the formal PREDAC programme will start in April ​and run to October. Centralised and faculty-based activities are combined in the programme. Participants are expected to participate in all activities.

Please contact the advisor in your faculty or Claudia Swart (claudias2@sun.ac.za) for more information.


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