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Designing Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DeLTA) process


In an attempt to support SU lecturers with their teaching function, the Designing Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DeLTA) process was conceptualised and a resource compiled.  The title of the process is the acronym (DeLTA) but Delta is also the mathematical symbol for change and is represented by ∆. The purpose of the process can thus be summarised as a guide towards achieving change in T&L@SU.

ARTLA: Augmented Remote ​​Teach​​​ing, Learning and Assessment support for academics d​uring COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 has necessitated us to replace our face-to-face interaction with students with preparing and instituting “Emergency Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment” (ERT). This year, we want to follow a differentiated model of learning and teaching called ARTLA (Augmented Remote Teaching, Learning and Assess​ment) which will combine contact tuition for smaller groups of students with online elements. The principles of good T&L&A in a F2F environment also apply to the online space - it is only the mode of delivery that is different. The point of departure for this process of adaptation is to rethink the outcomes, assessment and learning opportunitie​s of your module for the online environment. It is important to design for the active involvement of students and to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. The DeLTA process, adapted for the ARTLA environment, is available here .

​​​​The graphic below gives a summary of the complete DeLTA process.


Structure of the DeLTA process

The DeLTA process is divided into sections as shown on the diagram above.  The site map of this process below can be used to navigate through the pages of the resource in order to access the content.  

It is available:
1.  On the CTL website as pages (see table below).
2.  As a PDF document:  DeLTA process 18 August 2017.pdf

3.  Or as a Prezi online presentation:  ​Click here

Site map of this resource:

1. Curriculum context

1.1 SU Approach
1.1.1 Learning centred
1.1.2 E-supported
1.1.3 Plagiarism SU Policy Turn it in

1.2 Notional hours 

1.3 Lecture Halls

2. Outcomes

2.1 Taxonomies
2.1.1 Bloom
2.1.2 SOLO

2.2 Formulating outcomes
2.3 Forms A&B

3. Assessment
3.1 Purpose
3.1.1 For learning Student Lecturer
3.1.2 Of learning

3.2 Methods
3.2.1 Peer assessment
3.2.2 CAT

3.3 Policy

4. Design for learning

4.1 Engagement
4.1.1 Pedagogies of engagement
4.1.2 Types of interaction Student-student Student-content Student-facilitator

4.2 Learning opportunities
4.2.1 Tutorial
4.2.2 Practical
4.2.3 Lecture Flipped Conventional
4.2.4. Other

5. Reflection

5.1 Student feedback

5.2 Peer Observation

5.3 Self-evaluation (reflection)

5.4 Moderation & External examination

5.5 External evaluation of programme



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The podcast below gives a quick introduction to the DeLTA process