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Quick guide to TLA at SU​


Stellenbosch University is inclusive, innovative, and future focused: a place of discovery and excellence where both staff and students are thought leaders in advancing knowledge in the service of all stakeholders. For lecturers this should form part of their three roles namely teaching, research and social impact.​​

The  Quick guide to Teaching and Learning at Stellenbosch University focuses on one of the above roles, namely teaching. Teaching is an exciting and fulfilling dimension of the life of an academic. Helping to prepare a generation of keen minds to meet the demands our society faces, offers lecturers many and varied challenges.

The purpose of this booklet is to share the University's approach to teaching and learning with you. It will guide you to sources of information, advice and support for your role as lecturer, and will also help you negotiate the local policy maze.

***The quick guide to TLA at SU document is updated once a year at the beginning of each year.