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SoTL Conference

​​​​​​​This conference aims to address all aspects of teaching and learning at SU in an open, supportive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. It provides a platform where academics can:

  • share best practices, research findings and innovative ideas about teaching and learning;
  • reflect on and debate about teaching and learning methods, trends and goals within the current context; and
  • celebrate teaching and learning.

This is an in-house conference offered to Stellenbosch University staff.

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Contact person:  Anthea Jacobs (jacobsa@​sun.ac.za)

Previous SoTL winners

2019 Best research-based paper
Mouton, M. & Rootman-Le Grange, I.
Title: Craig Who? Developing Students’ Scientific Discourse through Collaborative Pedagogy ​
Rootman-Le Grange, I and Mounton, M.jpg
2019 Best practice-based paper
Southey, P. 
Title:   Blended, Interactive Learning and The Ratio Table ​
Southey, P.jpg
2019 Delegate's choice
Nel, M.
Title: A Prison-University Educational Partnership: Rehumanising Learning through Collaborative Course Design ​
Dr Mary Nel.jpg

Barnard, M., Adams, S. & du Preez, R
Title:  Gamification For the Win!... or not? Evaluating Student Pe

SoTL winners.jpg

Essop, F
Unique ways to enhance critical thinking in Physiology undergraduate classes

2018 ​
Southey, P
Title:  Concepts in context
y, M
Title: Inhabiting a more ambiguous self : Using discomfort to explore issues of social justice

Van Schalkwyk, S.; Blitz, J.; Conradie, H.; Fish, T.; Kok, N.; Van Heerden, B.; De Villiers, M.; 
Title:  Towards an evidence-based framework for clinical training on a rural platform:  The outcome of a five-year longitudinal mixed methods study

SoTL 2016 van Schalkwyk.jpg
Plastow, N.; Van Niekerk, L.; De Klerk, S.; Bester, J.; Vlok, B.; Jacobs Nzuzi Kuabi, L.; Cloete, L.; Fredericks, J.; Coetzee, Z.; Sheik Ismail A
Title:  Embedding Graduate Attributes into Curriculum Development in the First Year of an Occupational Therapy Program
SoTL 2015 Plastow.jpg

Bernard, T
Title:  Using CBI, SFL and CEAP to integrate content and language learning in a higher education context

SoTL 2014 Bernard.jpg 


Nieuwoudt, L
Title:  Economics' adventure into the land of collaborative, problem based learning ... part 1


Lutz, M
Title:  Using Cell Phones and Peer Instruction to enhance Unverstanding and Learning of Chemistry in Large Firty-year classesSoTL 2011 Lutz.jpg

Dempers, J.; Janse van Rensburg, M.; Verster, J.; Bezuidenhout, J
Title:  "Hey Trantino, show me your pituitary!"

SoTL 2010 Dempers.jpg