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Academic renewal

​​​​​​​ Academic renewal refers to the review, revision and re-design of our teaching-learning-assessment (TLA) offering, including modules and programmes, at SU. This process is driven by academics from within their departments and faculties, with support from the faculty's vice dean Learning and Teaching (or similar), the blended learning co-ordinator (BLC) and the CTL advisor and, at a later stage in the process, an advisor from the Centre for Academic Planning and Quality Assurance (APQ). Documents for formal academic renewal usually first serves at an internal faculty committee before being submitted to the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) and Senate for approval. 

At SU we document our programmes and modules using a Programme Specification Document (Form A) and Module Specification Document (Form B). A part of the completion of these documents is the formulation of outcomes, assessment plans and module contents. These aspects are in line with the constructive alignment process described in the DeLTA-process and unpacked further in APQ's resources​ that offer support for completing Forms A and B. These forms aren't just for burocratic purposes - the information from Form A is included in the yearbook and the Form B information becomes part of the module framework. 

If you are considering academic renewal of some kind, be sure to involve the BLC of your faculty and the CTL advisor of your faculty as early as possible in the process so that it can be as optimised as possible.