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​​​​​​​The Peer-to-Peer Facilitation of Learning short course is a training course for students who actively assist fellow students with learning. This course empowers peer facilitators to encourage and facilitate other students' learning by developing practical facilitation skills while also being mindful of their own psychosocial well-being.

This course is offered free of charge and is aimed at:

  • Tutors and demi's
  • Peer-facilitators
  • Module assistants
  • Learning assistants
  • Teaching assistants
  • Assessment assistants​


  • Upon completion of the short course, you will receive academic transcript recognition as an SU peer facilitator.​
  • ​Self-paced training with a recommended 1.5 notional hours per week.​


  • ​​Asynchronous online learning ​​

The training aims to:

  • ​Familiarize peer facilitators with their responsibilities, technical and administrative skills
  • Inform peer facilitators on the various student support services available to students at SU 
  • ​Equip peer facilitators with the pre-requisite facilitation of learning skills
  • Provide peer facilitators with a safe space for learning and reflection​

What does the course entail?

Compulsory sessions:
  • Session 1: The role of a Peer Facilitator of learning
  • Session 2: Facilitating Learning and Engagement
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Reflecting on your Peer Facilitation experience

Optional sessions:

  • ​Creating and designing assessments
  • ​​Marking assessments​​

What's in it for me?

  • You will become an accredited peer facilitator recognized by SU.
  • You will have boundary setting skills and become resilient and adaptive in peer facilitation sessions.
  • You will promote the development of students and apply practical skills that encourage students' self- efficacy.
  • You will be a developed peer facilitator who is an engaged leader (curious, interested, and passionate about learning).
  • Your graduate attributes will be developed (professionalism, inter-/intrapersonal skills and social intelligence).

Application process:

*You may only apply for this opportunity once you have been appointed as a peer facilitator within your department or division.

  • You should first apply for a peer facilitation (tutorship) opportunity within your department or faculty when advertised. 
  • Once selected by your department or faculty, you should enroll in the Peer-to-Peer Facilitation of Learning Training short course by:

             - Contact your faculty or department tutor coordinator to apply for this course.

             - Alternatively, you can contact Johara Khan at joharak@sun.ac.za 

Closing dates for applications:

There is no closing date for applications to enroll in this course.​

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