About Silene

Silene PSO is a private student organisation operating within Stellenbosch University. This organisation is provided for students living in private accommodation who attend Stellenbosch University.

Silene was established in 2008 and consists of approximately 400 undergraduate members. We assist first year students through their initial transition period into university life to ensure that they grow both academically and socially throughout the duration of their student experience. Silene PSO also incorporates senior student in its committees to allow leadership development and exposure to further opportunities within the university.

We are dedicated to creating an environment whereby our members can strive to become well rounded, value-driven, active students. Our mission is to foster a transformative and sustainable environment where we provide opportunities for our members to become value-driven and thought-driven individuals.

The values we uphold and strive towards are Respect, Acceptance, Individuality, Unity and Ubuntu. These are the values borne in mind in all that we do as a community. These values are naturally decided by the culture of our organisation d the attitude of our members toward themselves and those around them. Silene stands proud in its values and continues to create a diverse and inclusive space for all our members.

Silene's vision and mission

Vision: We bring people together to create a diverse and inclusive student experience. We empower our members to become well-rounded individuals whereby they embody the graduate attributes and carry out the values of Silene.

Mission: We work to establish an environment where facilitating courageous conversations and critical thinking is encouraged. We will foster a transformative and sustainable environment where we provide opportunities for our members to become value-driven and thought-driven individuals.

Silene's values

Respect, Individuality, Unity, Acceptance, Ubuntu

The history of Silene

Silene PSO is 1 of 4 female only PSO’s established in 2008.
“primordia quarere rerum” – seek the beginning of things

Activities and offerings

  • Sport – Hockey, Netball, and water polo
  • Culture –Acapella, Culture evenings, Toneelfees
  • Leadership development
  • Courageous Conversations  
  • Critical Engagement
  • Academic support
  • Dances
  • Socials

Mentorship offered by Silene

We currently have 16 aspiring leaders who have been selected out of our large senior group to guide our newcomers within their first year. The role of the mentors us to create a comfortable and inviting environment from the beginning of the welcoming period and throughout the year.

We also have a seniors committee which consists of group of enthusiastic senior students who are passionate about the growth of Silene. The senior students create an inclusive and diverse space for all members in our community. They provide a support structure for those younger than them whether they are in first year or even up to third year. The growth of our members in all spheres of their lives is of our utmost concern.

Silene's Primaria


Dayle Adams

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