About Capri

A PSO is a Private Student Organisation. A ‘private student’ refers to any student that does not live within a university residence, but rather in private accommodation, for example, a flat or at home. In order to create a more diverse community, PSO’s and Residences are grouped into seven clusters with Capri forming part of the amaMaties Cluster. Capri PSO, established in 2018, is the youngest PSO on campus bringing new and innovative perspectives to the broader campus community.

Capri's vision and mission

Capri strives to create a home away from home for our members where they can feel comfortable to express themselves, their views and perspectives as well as creating a space for them to make lifelong connections with other people on campus. We strive to generate strong leaders through our broad spectrum of leadership development and a large variety of co-curricular activities that we offer. This allows our members to grow in their spheres of choice so that we can create well connected and strong citizens that can make a positive impact on our society. We strive for innovation through diversity.

Capri's values

Innovation, Ubuntu, Trots.

The history of Capri

Capri is the newest co-ed addition to the PSO structure of Stellenbosch University. Established in 2018, we stem from Stellenbosch University’s vision to make our campus a more open and accepting space to allow innovation through diversity.

Activities and offerings

  • Sport – Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Table tennis, Rugby and Soccer
  • Culture – Molassesêr, SU Acapella, Culture evenings and Toneelfees
  • Virtual Offerings – Instagram challenges, Wellness groups (fitness and mental wellness
  • Positional and non-positional leadership development
  • Critical discussions on hot topics
  • Socials and dances

Mentorship offered by Capri

We currently have 20 mentors that are chosen for their ability to empathise, lead and aid our newcomers in their academic and social journey in Stellenbosch. Their role is to guide our newcomers and ease the transition into university life, especially during Welcoming Week. We are introducing a new structure which we call “Mentors for mentors”. This structure is aimed at having a few past mentors which can help the current mentors and give them advice on mentorship and how to better their abilities as a mentor.

Capri's Primarius


Jason Reid

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Social Media

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