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RIDS  |  Tygerberg Doctoral Office - Meet the Team

All FMHS doctoral enquiries welcome at

Walk-ins welcome Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9AM to noon
Office 1073, first floor, Clinical Building, Tygerberg campus


Ms Brigitta Kepkey

Coordinator: PhD programme support
Postgraduate Programme Committee liaison
Predoctoral Short Course support

+27 21 938 9813

Email tyg-phd@sun.ac.za


Ms Tammy Swartz

Administrator: Tygerberg Doctoral Office
Centre for Academic Administration liaison
Prospective student enquiries

+27 21 938 9811

Email medphd@sun.ac.za


Ms Chanelle Windvogel (parttime)

Masters by Thesis examination
Predoctoral Short Course administration


+27 21 938 9451

Email tyg-thesis@sun.ac.za


Dr Liela Groenewald

Head: Tygerberg Doctoral Office
Convenor: Predoctoral Short Course
Secretary: Committee for Postgraduate Research

+27 21 938 9813