​​​​Social and environmental responsibility

The Tygerberg Doctoral Office strives to realise inclusive education by operationalising the SU and FMHS values of excellence, compassion, accountability, respect, and equity. We strive to provide each client with energetic and effective support, as a raison d’être; and to practice collegiality towards each other and our wider SU colleagues as we jointly serve and promote the vision and mission of SU and the best interests of our community and wider context.

The small team at the Tygerberg Doctoral Office makes two further specific,​ achievable commitments:

The team champions full participation in SU activities by staff and students living with a disability. We aim to provide fully accessible services and offerings, and seek out opportunities to make our campus increasingly inclusive. We invite​ all FMHS colleagues to stop in at our Annual Academic Day stand for disability-relevant information, and all SU colleagues to co-support SA Casual Day​.  To​ members and prospective members of our SU community who live with a disability - we are learning; please share your specific needs or requests with us.

The office caps our carbon footprint by providing 95% paperless services, and by reserving printing as far as possible for occasions where this will add specific and well-considered value on site. This approach​ supports the ambition of our dean and faculty to achieve a zero waste Tygerberg ​campus.

In sum, we embrace the aspirational attributes of SU stakeholders.