Privaat verblyf



List of private accommodation.

Accreditation is done based on the information provided on an application form and a site visit will be arranged as soon as COVID-regulations allow. 

There are three accreditation categories:

  1. NSFAS accreditation (4 beds or more, within 3 km from campus, within the NSFAS fee caps and meets the additional NSFAS criteria)
  2. NSFAS single accommodation accreditation (3 beds or less, within 3 km from campus, within the NSFAS meets the additional NSFAS criteria)
  3. SU accreditation (4 beds or more and meets SU accreditation criteria)

Please note that NSFAS-students will also be able to seek placement in SU accredited accommodation, but will be responsible for any rental shortfall that is payable to the landlord. 

The criteria for accreditation is published in the Stellenbosch University Guidelines for Off-campus Private Student Housing Accreditation in 2020 (2021 intake) . 

Please take note of the following:

  1. It remains the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that the accommodation is up to standard and complies with the guidelines throughout the year.
  2. It also remains the responsibility of the student to ensure that they understand the content of the lease agreement, the cost of accommodation and their obligations as a lessee in terms thereof. The lease agreement is between the student and the landlord.  SU is not a party to the agreement.
  3. And finally, it remains the prerogative of the student to choose suitable off-campus private housing. 

    All queries can be directed to​

Name of DwellingAdressType# BedsSingleDoubleGenderAccreditationEmailPhone
A.F.O. Student CottageErasmus Smit Street 14, Idas ValleyFlat40305Co-EdNSFAS accreditedfaradossie@gmail.com828060446
Alexanderhof 4Alexander Street, Stellenbosch CentralFlat330Co-EdSingle accommodation NSFAS
Ayaashiq House Juffrenbruch Street 23, Idas ValleyHouse440FemaleNSFAS accreditedmuainarnolds@gmail.com614209590
Bakker Street 28Bakker Straat 28, Idas ValleyHouse440Co-EdNSFAS
Bakker Street 42Bakker Street 42, Idas ValleyHouse842Co-EdNSFAS accreditedhwgstone@gmail.com839481944
Botmaskop 1Botmaskop 1, Idas ValleyHouse1244FemaleNSFAS
BrahmboschCluver Street 29, Stellenbosch CentralFlat72036Co-EdSU
Carstens Student ResidenceLuckhoff Street 40, Idas ValleyHouse641Co-EdNSFAS accreditedcarstensadam@yahoo.com832328424
Dahlia Street 7 Dahlia Street 7 , Idas ValleyHouse220FemaleSingle accommodation NSFAS
Desch Street 3Desch Street 3, Idas ValleyHouse1244FemaleNSFAS accreditedgenevieve.arendse@gmail.com734055633
Dreyer's Place Lang Street 71, CloetesvilleHouse660MaleNSFAS accreditedrushdidr@gmail.com846871786
Erasmus Smit Street 9Erasmus Smit Street 9, Idas ValleyHouse421Co-EdNSFAS
House Gxilishe Swartbooi Street 78, KayamandiHouse660Co-EdNSFAS
Irene Park 1Irene Park Road 1, La CollineHouse880Co-EdNSFAS accreditedelizabethduplessis2@gmail.com829905176
Irvin J. Swart Student HouseCluver Road 12, Stellenbosch CentralHouse16160Co-EdNSFAS accreditedirvinswart@telkomsa.net836841006
Isaacs Residence Isaacs Street 15, CloetesvilleHouse330FemaleSingle accommodation NSFAS accreditedquinton.apollis53@gmail.com745787088
Ivy LeagueCluver Street 6, Stellenbosch CentralFlat1033733Co-EdSU
JacobsEike street 12, CloetesvilleHouse220Co-EdSingle accommodation NSFAS accreditedroxysweetlips@yahoo.com825645491
JJ's AccommodationBakker Street 6, Idas ValleyHouse842MalesNSFAS Accreditedjennifersaunders03@gmail.com828550424
Johnson Street 13Johnson Street 13, Idas ValleyHouse660MaleNSFAS
Juffernbruch Street 41Juffernbruch Street 41, Idas ValleyHouse914Co-EdNSFAS accreditedgroenewaldshereen@gmail.com842245596
Kahler Street 15Kahler Street 15, Idas ValleyHouse641Co-EdNSFAS 724304489
Kahler Street 71Kahler Street 71, Idas ValleyHouse880FemaleNSFAS accreditedasiatoefyallie@yahoo.com637477183
Kerkenberg AnnexElmwood Street 48, Parow ValleyRooms54540Co-EdNSFAS accreditedleonvntr@gmail.com837941821
Lakay Street 15Lakay Street 15, CloetesvilleHouse110Co-EdSingle accommodation NSFAS accreditedcarmenvdm15@gmail.com783608551
Lakay Street 35Lakay Street 35, TennantvilleHouse220FemaleSingle accommodation NSFAS
Lalies PlaceFebruary Street 17, CloetesvilleHouse641Co-EdNSFAS
Lar Shei
Bird Street, Stellenbosch CentralFlat52520Co-EdSU
Lindley Street 18Lindley Street 18, Idas ValleyHouse330FemaleSingle accommodation NSFAS
Lutz BuildingVictoria Street 11, Stellenbosch CentralFlat41315Co-EdSU 218868831
Melrose SquareDennesig Street 3, Stellenbosch CentralFlat40400Co-EdNSFAS
Molly's houseBotmaskop 18, Idas ValleyHouse330FemaleSingle accommodation NSFAS accreditednhdecor@telkomsa.net735678784
Moses Street 2Moses Street 2, Idas ValleyHouse1191Co-EdNSFAS accreditedlindajunew@gmail.com845115651
Moses Street 6Moses Street 6, Idas ValleyHouse22FemaleSingle accommodation NSFAS accrediteddavids.judy@gmail.com832769368
Mount Albert 5Mount Albert Street 5, La CollineHouse550Co-EdNSFAS accreditedettienne@hotmail.com769424662
Mt Simon EstatePappegaaiberg Street 7, CloetesvilleHouse440Co-EdNSFAS
Nooitgedacht ACorner of Taylor and Mount Albert Street, La CollineFlat23216108Co-EdNSFAS accredited
Nooitgedacht CTaylor Street 2, La CollineFlat2422420Co-EdNSFAS​218832142
One on CluverCluver Street 1, Stellenbosch CentralFlat88442Co-EdSU
Ou Helshoogte Way 30Ou Helshoogte Way 30, Idas ValleyHouse421Co-EdNSFAS accreditedbyronvisagie@yahoo.com797010464
Oude Rozenhof Private Female RezDorp Street 12, Stellenbosch CentralFlat28147FemaleNSFAS
Pendoring Street 7Pendoring Street 7, The RidgeHouse990FemaleNSFAS
Quiver Tree Self-Catering ApartmentsFaure Street 2, La CollineFlat72720Co-EdSU Accreditatedlee@qtstellenbosch.com218828986​
Reid ResidenceLakay Street 17, TennantvilleHouse201MaleSingle accommodation NSFAS accreditedmandyreid65@gmail.com714180532
The DigsDunbar Street 40, Parow ValleyFlat1281280Co-EdNSFAS
The FarmThe Farm on R44, 44Flat29313Co-EdSU Accreditatedjacques@ljturnkeyinvestments.com832322244
Tindall Street 26Tindall Street 26, Idas ValleyHouse550FemaleNSFAS
Weber Street 16Weber Street 16, Idas ValleyHouse880Co-EdNSFAS accreditedlionelgroenewald5@gmail.com835532211
WelbedachtCorner of Banghoek and Hospital Road, Stellenbosch CentralFlat77138Co-EdSU

Name of Dwelling Adress Type # Beds Single Double Gender Accreditation Email Phone
4de Laan 84 Bellville House 4 4   Female NSFAS Accredited 834553648
Banghoek Stellenbosch central Flat 42 42   Co-ed SU Accredited 718608070
Eikenhof Hostel Stellenbosch central Flat 58 46 6 Female SU Accredited 824129251
Eikenhof Manor Stellenbosch central Flat 23 23   Female SU Accredited 824129251
Hervormatiehof Stellenbosch central Flat 33 33   Co-ed NSFAS Accredited 794953239
La Rez Stellenbosch central Flat 157 157   Co-ed SU Accredited 713055237
La Rez Unit 8, C106, E212 Stellenbosch central Flat 6 6   Co-ed SU Accredited 832586878
Nouveau C13 Stellenbosch central Flat 4 2 1 Co-ed SU Accredited 832964243
Poplar House Stellenbosch central House 19 19   Co-ed SU Accredited 718608070
Tafelberg 8 Mt Simon Estate House 4 4   Co-ed NSFAS Accredited 832586878
The Den Stellenbosch central Flat 21 15 3 Co-ed SU Accredited
Verreweide Stellenbosch central Flat 41 41   Co-ed SU Accredited 718608070
Weidenhof Lodge Stellenbosch central Flat 17 17   Co-ed SU Accredited 832331342
Woltemade Street 28 Die Boord House 4 4   Co-ed SU Accredited 825504231


HDK Properties

Campus Key
Eikenhof Private Hostel
Anna Basson Eiendomme

MT Simon and Nuutgevonden
Tel: 0636129456 

Maranatha Properties
Tel: 0822282591 ​

Neelsie Eiendomme
4. Kampus Pendeldiens

Studente wat nie in 'n Stellenbosch Universiteitskoshuis woon nie en reeds privaat akkommodasie het, word outomaties lidmaatskap aan 'n PSO en 'n Kluster ingedeel. Vir meer inligting oor die PSO's, besoek asseblief die volgende skakel:

Vrywaring: Die inhoud in hierdie bemarkingsmateriaal word slegs vir algemene inligtingsdoeleindes voorsien.  US aanvaar geen verantwoordelikheid vir enige foute, weglatings of onakkuraatheid van die inligting nie.

US is nie 'n party tot die huurooreenkoms wat gesluit word tussen die student(e) en verhuurder(s) nie en sal gevolglik nie betrokke raak of aanspreeklikheid aanvaar vir enige kwessies of geskille wat voortspruit uit die werking van die huuroorenkoms, betaling van huur en/of dienslewering nie.