Economic and Management Sciences
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Research Funding

Research support is provided by both the Faculty and the University. At faculty level, research support is coordinated by the Vice-Dean (Research) and the Faculty's research committee.

Faculty's Research Support

The Office of the Dean and the Faculty's research committee support research through a number of schemes, including:

  • financial incentives for published research,
  • a visiting scholar programme, and
  • financial support for the attendance of local and international conferences.

Click here for the rules and guidelines applicable to these schemes.

The Faculty's Centre for Statistical Consultation (CSC) offers assistance with the statistical aspects of research. Its services, which are available to all members of the Faculty, include help with the design, implementation and interpretation of statistical methods.

University's Research Support

The University's research support can be divided into three distinct functions:

The DRD offers a number of funding opportunities via Sub-committee A of the University's research committee. Click here for more details.