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Research Themes - Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Scholarship Programme


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Statistics and Actuarial Science:

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​1.    Supervised/Unsupervised Learning Theme

​​Subthemes under this research topic involves:

    • Deep Learning
      • Deep Learning for Recommender Systems
      • Bayesian Deep Learning
    • Multi-Label Classification
    • Recommender Systems
      • ​Clustering-based Collaborative Filtering for Recommender Systems
    • Feature Selection, Dimension Reduction/Representation Learning
    • Big Data Modelling

2.    Biplots for Interdisciplinary High Dimensional Data Visualisation

Research projects will contain theoretical contributions in extending biplot methodology, the development of statistical software to implement the developments, and practical applications of the new methodology. Interested candidates are referred to the websites of the project group members to view recent developments.

Students interested in the project who feel they need some more background in the methodology might be required to complete some of the department's Honours and / or Masters modules as part of upskilling before commencing with the PhD project itself.


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  1. Competition Law and Economics
  2. Spatial inequalities in socio-economic indicators using big data 
  3. Inequality, networks, social mobility and the long-run development of South Africa


Industrial Psychology:

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Please note that a recognized master's degree with Industrial Psychology or Human Resource Management as a major is a requirement to qualify for admission to the doctoral programme at the department of Industrial Psychology

  1. (Workplace/Employee) Wellness and organisational effectiveness