Graduate School of Economic & Management Sciences
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About GEM


The Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences (GEM), a unit in the Dean's office, is responsible for the central administration of the PhD programmes of the Faculty of Economic and management Sciences. ​

The objectives of the Graduate School are to:

  • Provide partially structured support to the PhD programmes of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences 
  • To provide and administer scholarships that enable full-time, residential doctoral studies across all the departments of the Faculty.
  • Enhance the quality of experience for doctoral candidates of the faculty by providing access to training opportunities (including an annual orientation programme​), space for cohort based interaction and a progress monitoring platform that candidates can use to manage the flow of their research project in collaboration with their academic supervisors. 
  • Provide centralized, accessible information on the processes and regulations relevant to doctoral studies to departments, academic supervisors and doctoral candidates
  • Broaden access to doctoral education in economic and management sciences at Stellenbosch University, and
  • ​​Continuously develop and provide effective support structures for PhD studies within the Faculty.