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​​An age of information

Students can register from 2020 for BCom (Mathematical Sciences) with focal area Data Science.

Read any articles in the media today and it won't be long before someone, somewhere is quoting facts and figures. As modern technology generates large volumes of data and information on anything you can think of, we increasingly rely on skilled professionals to analyse this data and information. These professionals interpret the outcome of the analyses and from the gained insight, improved decisions of importance can be made.

At Stellenbosch University the courses offered by the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science are designed to develop the skills needed by these professionals. Prospective students may choose from a number of degree programmes that opens the door to careers in Statistics, Actuarial Science and Financial Risk Management, among others. 


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Next seminar lecture:

16 Aug 2019 (13:00)​​

Stefan Britz (Department of Statistical Sciences, UCT)

Computer vision applications: from Cedar tree counting to precision farming, GTA simulation and going ballistic(s)


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