Statistics and Actuarial Science
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Undergraduate Financial Risk Management

​​​Here you can find information regarding the undergraduate financial risk management programme offered in the department.

See the Facult​y Calendar (Yearbook) ​ here for a more detailed description of the various modules. 

​BCom (Mathematical Sciences)


Persons with training in Financial Risk Management, Mathematical Statistics and Financial Mathematics, are employed by the large financial institutions as financial quantitative analysts, such as, inter alia, financial risk managers, portfolio managers and dealers in financial instruments. This training gives students the necessary background for building a stimulating and financially rewarding career in the financial sectors.

First Year (128 or 136 credits)

​​Compulsory Modules
​Actuarial Science ​112(8)
​Probability Theory and Statistics ​144(16)
​Mathematics​114(16), 144(16)
Business Management​​113(12), 142(6)
​​Economics   ​114(12), 144(12)
​Financial Accounting ​188(24)
​Information Systems​112(6)
​Computer Science  ​114(16), 144(16)
​Economics​114(12), 144(12)
​Financial Accounting​188(24)

Business Management 113(12) and 142(6) are taken in the second year.

Second Year (136 or 154 credits)

​​Compulsory Modules***
Actuarial Science​274(24) or
​Financial Risk Management​274(24)
​Economics​214(16), 244(16) or
Financial Accounting​288(32) or
​​Operations Research​​214(16), 244(16)
​​Financial Risk Management​​212(8), 242(8)
​Mathematical Statistics​214(16), 245(8), 246(8)
​​Mathematics​214(16), 244(16)

*** If Computer Science 114 (16) and 144(16) are followed and passed in the first year, then Business Management 113(12) and 142(6) are compulsory.

*** Where Business Management 113(12) and/or 142(6) are listed as prerequisites, the relevant second-year modules can only be followed in the third year.

Third Year (144 credits)

​​Compulsory Modules
Financial Mathematics378(32)
​Financial Risk Management​314(24), 344(24)
​Mathematical Statistics​312(16), 316(16), 344(16), 364(16)