Economic and Management Sciences
Welcome to Stellenbosch University

Vision & Mission


 The Faculty wishes to be regarded by its interest groups as the leading Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences in South Africa; one that is committed to the development of the rich human potential of the entire spectrum of the South African population, respected as a role-player at the international level, and acknowledged as a centre of excellence within the University.

This vision implies:

  • distinctive academic excellence which is continually demonstrated,
  • added value to all interest groups, and
  • maintenance of the highest professional image and conduct by all academic and non-academic staff at all times.



The Faculty aims to:

  • empower its students by means of instruction (gaining knowledge) and professional training to (help) manage organisations in a well-informed, professional and creative way, and to add such value that will contribute towards greater organisational effectiveness, personal growth, development and prosperity for the country and her people.
  • contribute meaningfully, as faculty and students, to the creation of knowledge by means of research output and thus to development in the various fields of study within the Economic and Management Sciences.
  • demonstrate its social and environmental responsibilities to the full spectrum of South African society by means of expert service delivery and application of knowledge.
  • realise and promote constantly and convincingly the instrumentality of the scientific paradigm and its resulting expertise, and to promote its application in practice.​