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Knocking’ on Heav​​​ens’ Door

  1. African Dream​​​​
  2. Let Somebody Know 
  3. Stoned Love 
  4. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 
  5. Gotta Serve Somebody 
  6. Jesus Will Fix It 
  7. Your Heart And Mine 
  8. Up Where We Belong 
  9. Man In The Mirror 
  10. Love Will Make This A Better Place​

Power of the Dream
  1. Flying Without Wings
  2. Imagine
  3. Power Of One
  4. Destination Africa
  5. Try A Little Tenderness
  6. Have A Talk With God
  7. Somewhere
  8. Power Of The Dream
  9. Raging Waters
  10. What The World Needs Now
  11. Avalanche​

DVD Collection

Music Videos:​

  • Flying Without Wings
  • Power of the Dream
  • Destination Africa

Live Performance Videos:

  • Have a talk with God
  • Flying without wings
  • Destination Africa

Imagine (Performed with the Mike Campbell Orchestra and recorded at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa)​             

 ​​Lucky the Hero! 

Lucky The Hero!, the first production of the Educational Theatre Company of the Africa Institute for HIV/AIDS Management, has gone from strength to strength since its first performance in 2006. This mini-musical, full of facts, humour and emotions, was originally aimed at farming communities, who are often cut off from educational initiatives about HIV and AIDS because of illiteracy and their geographical location. Today, Lucky The Hero! has reached thousands of people from almost every sector, successfully spreading the facts about HIV and AIDS.​

The play tells the story of a young man, Lucky, who learns about HIV and AIDS from information given on a radio programme and, after going for testing, finds out he is HIV positive. He shares the news with his best friend, who gossips his status to the whole community. Lucky is then ostracised. As he learns more about HIV and AIDS, Lucky realises that his life still has great value. He disguises himself as a Captain AIDS fighter and informs the community about HIV and AIDS, changing their thinking for good. The musical is presented in a combination of Afrikaans and English.Just as performances of Lucky The Hero! are followed by a monitoring and evaluation protocol, the DVD includes a training manual. This creates the possibility of an interactive experience for presenters as well as viewers, addressing various aspects of HIV and AIDS. These include the basics of how the virus works, prevention, stigmatisation and living with HIV. The DVD is divided in sections that coincide with the sections of the training manual, ensuring optimal user-friendliness.​​


South African 

Artists for Aids Awareness 

Concert 2011 DVD​

South African 

Artists for Aids Awareness 

Concert 2010 DVD

South African

Artists for Aids Awareness 

Concert 2009 DVD

World Aids Day
Concert 2010 DVD

World Aids Day 
Concert 2009 DVD​