Economic and Management Sciences
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In 1925, the Faculty of Commerce and Administration was established as an independent faculty at the University of Stellenbosch. It grew from a mere 15 students in 1925 to more than 7 000 in 2015. Since 1991, it has been the largest faculty at the University.

The establishment of the Faculty was made possible by a generous donation from the Cape "Helpmekaar" Association, who, in 1921, granted the University the amount of £150 p.a. for three years. The bursary was earmarked for training an individual who could at a later stage be appointed to the proposed Commerce Faculty. It was awarded to CGW Schumann.




Prof. CGW Schumann who, in 1924, was appointed as senior lecturer and later as professor in Business Economics, became dean in 1935. He can indeed be regarded as the founder of the Faculty. At the time of his retirement in 1960, he had expanded the Commerce Faculty to one of the leading faculties in the country.


Since its construction in 1949, the building for social sciences has accommodated some of the Faculty’s fields of study. (The building was subsequently known as the HF Verwoerd Building and thereafter as the Accountancy and Statistics Building.) In 1977, a new building was erected for the Faculty and named after Prof. CGW Schumann. Additional space has also been made available to the ever-expanding Faculty at both the Stellenbosch and Bellville Park campuses.

In 1995, the name of the Faculty was changed to the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.




The deans of the Faculty were: Professors P Serton (1925-1930); JFW Grosskopf (1931-1934); CGW Schumann (1935-1960); DEW Schumann (1961-1962, 1967-1970, and 1975-1985); JL Sadie (1963-1964, and 1971); CA Smith (1965-1966); IJ van Biljon (1972-1974, and 1986-1989); SM Swart (1990-1995); JA Matthee (1996-2001); E Calitz (2001-2002); JU de Villiers (2003-2013); and SA du Plessis (2014-2016). The latter was succeeded by an Acting Dean, Prof Johan Malan (2017-March 2018). The present dean, Prof Ingrid Woolard, the first female dean in the history of the Faculty, took office in May 2018.