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Ethical Research


Ethical research conduct

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is strongly guided by its own moral compass. Ethical research conduct and integrity are thus deeply embedded in the Faculty's approach to all its research activities. The Faculty is a signature to the University's ethical research policy, including the five fundamental principles of ethical conduct, namely honesty and integrity, accountability, professional courtesy and fairness, and good stewardship.​

There are a number of further important areas that all staff and students should take note of. These topics are concerned with research and include issues related to intellectual property, plagiarism, conflict of interest, all procedures regarding data collection, sharing and storing, research participants, academic freedom and responsibility, ethically sensitive research, funding, and research collaboration.

The University has various structures and committees in place that oversee and manage ethical research and ethical conduct. All students, prospective or registered at the Faculty, are advised to read and familiarise themselves with the University's ethical research policy and ethical code of conduct​​.​