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MPhil Programme


Description, selection and outcomes

The MPhil programme is an online teaching programme supplemented with interactive satellite broadcasts. A limited number of students are selected on the basis of academic performance and other requirements. The selection results will be available in January and students will be notified by mail. 

The MPhil programme builds on the knowledge, competencies and managerial skills acquired with the PDM. While the PDM focuses on a general outline and synopsis of HIV and AIDS management, the MPhil provides even finer detail and empowers students to fully utilise their skills.​

Structure of the programme

The MPhil consists of a research assignment and the following four courses:

  • Research methodology
  • Social responsibility and ethics
  • Strategic human resource management
  • ​Epidemiology​

Teaching modes

The MPhil programme makes use of the following modes of teaching:

  • Online teaching using Moodle
  • Interactive satellite broadcasts
  • Analyses of case studies
  • Projects that enable students to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned
  • Compulsory 1 week workshop in Stellenbosch

Admission requirements

The entry requirements for the MPhil programme are:

  • Students who completed ​the Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management (PDM) with an average of at least 65% will be considered.
  • Work experience
  • Computer, internet and e-mail skills​

Application information

Prospective students have to apply in writing before 30 October of the year prior to their studies.

Students CURRENTLY REGISTERED at Stellenbosch University needs to send:
1. The application form below
2. A letter of application addressed to the university​

Students that REGISTER FOR THE FIRST TIME at Stellenbosch University or who have INTERRUPTED THEIR STUDIES at the university need to send:

1. The application form below
2.The university online application form
3. Application fee of R 100.00. Bank details is available on the University online application form
4.Original degree certificate of your highest qualification

1. The Africa Centre application form

In Adobe Acrobat format [82 kb] OR in MSWord format [79 kb].

2. The Stellenbosch University online application form

Click on this link for the online application form.​

Tuition fee

Tuition fees:

The tuition fee for 2020 is estimated at R 37 457.00  

 Registration for SA students

  1.  ​Pay the full fees or R 10 159.00 at registration.
  2. The international registration fee (IRF) is not applicable to SA students.​​

Registration for international students

  1.    Pay the full tuition fees and the international registration fee (IRF).
  2.  ​  The 2020 international registration fee (IRF) for (SADC) is R 1 415.00.
  3.    The 2020 international registration fee (IRF) for  (non-SADC)  is R2 990.00.