Business Management
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Master's and PhD

The Department of Business Management offers a research-based master’s degree and a research-based PhD degree. The Department subscribes to the philosophy that universities should conduct research to test existing theories and generate new ones. Therefore, scholarly, scientific research is a very important activity at the Department.

The master’s degree (MCom) and doctoral degree (PhD) are offered on a part-time basis only and requires the completion of a dissertation or thesis. Course work does not form part of either of these programmes.

The brochure of the Department of Business Management provides detailed information about the programme, admission requirements and procedures, modules, and contact information.

The calendar of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences contains further detailed information.

Annali Maass at +27 (0)21 808 3415 or can be contacted for enquiries. In the case of PhD enquiries, contact Annali Maass, who will make an appointment with the head of the Department, Prof Christo Boshoff.

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