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Marketing Management


​​​The course is continuously adapted to keep up with modern technologies such as the Internet's impact and its advantages for marketing. A variety of modules in other areas form part of the compulsory modules or are available as optional modules.

The marketing management focal area and education is based on the following:

  • Marketing theory
  • Consumer behaviour
  • The application of theory to various aspects of marketing, with special emphasis on retail, services, promotion, and marketing research
  • The development of a management orientation in approaching marketing issues

Career possibilities in the field of marketing:

  • Marketing manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Promotion manager
  • Brand manager
  • Marketing researcher

Undergraduate subjects offered in Marketing Management:

Marketing Management 214

Modern marketing dynamics in enterprises and the community; marketing and the value creation process; customer satisfaction through quality and service; strategic marketing planning; analysis of the marketing environment; marketing information and research; analysis of consumer markets and other types of markets; measurement and forecasting of demand; market segmentation and target market selection; product decisions; price decisions; channel decisions and place strategy; communication decisions; direct marketing and sales promotion decisions.

Advertising and Sales Promotion 244

Advertising and the marketing process; the consumer audience; portfolio planning and research; functioning of advertising; advertising planning and strategy; advertising media; media planning and buying; printed media; creative advertising; integration of the elements of marketing communication.

Retail Management 314

Retail strategy and the retailing mix; location decisions; merchandise decisions; price decisions; communication decisions; consumer services and information; technology and systems; franchise agreements.

Services Management 324

Unique characteristics of services; nature and process of service delivery; differences between product and service evaluations; development, communication and delivery of services; service quality and measurement thereof; the role of service providers and the environment of service delivery; implementation of service-marketing strategies.

Marketing Research 344

Defining of the marketing problem; research design; exploratory research design for secondary data and qualitative research; surveys and observations as part of descriptive research; measurement of perceptions; questionnaire design; sampling; fieldwork and data preparation; formulation of hypotheses and basic statistical tests.

Strategic Marketing 354

Function and application of marketing in different organisations and conditions; enterprise and marketing strategy; competitive marketing strategies; international marketing strategies; the marketing system; consumer markets and buying behaviour; institutional markets and buying behaviour; marketing planning processes; marketing controls.

For Marketing subjects in the Honours course, please refer to the Honours Page.​​