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Logistics Management

​​​​​​​Logistics Management is planning, organising and executing the​ flow and storage of goods, services and related information, from the place of origin to the place of consumption, in a way that optimally satisfies consumer requirements and with the goal of maximising the wealth of all the stakeholders. ​

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Operations Research

​The slogan of operations research is “The Science of Better”. An operations researcher follows a scientific approach to suggest methods of improving real-life problems such as the above, and uses techniques that typically overlap with mathematics, statistics and computer science to calculate best or optimal solutions.​

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Quantitative Management

​Quantitative management involves the use of mathematical models to solve problems and to support and make better management decisions.​

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Transport Economics

​Transport Economics relates to the optimal allocation of scarce resources within the transport sector and between the transport sector and other sectors in the economy. 

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