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Business Analytics: Undergraduate

​Business Analytics is an exciting new offering in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Business Analytics is a tool that adds value to companies that are committed to data-driven decision-making. The skills presented in Business Analytics will equip you with data analytical skills to gain insights on business functions and processes. The skills will help you to inform evidence-based decision-making and will give you the edge to function at highly competitive levels, both as an asset to any data-driven company, but also as an independent consultant.

Interesting problems that you will learn how to solve include how to obtain large amounts of data from the web, how to safely store it, and to harness that data to gain insights that provide your client with a competitive edge, or how to find the influencers in a social network and how to leverage their popularity for marketing strategies, and how to apply your artistic creativity to visualize information using data design principles that enhances understanding of advanced reporting. Business Analytics is one of the focal areas within the BCom Management Sciences program. So, if you are fascinated by data visualization and analysis, social networks, modeling of complex problems and informed decision making, then this is the course for you.​

Business Analytics Brochure

Please consult the official Economic and Management Sciences Yearbook for more information regarding subject combinations and requirements.