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2023 seminars

24 Feb - Prof Dr Ingo Gestring (HTW Dresden): The sustainability dimension in the transport sector in commodity supply chains

17 Mar - Jacomien van der Merwe (SU/Logistics)​: How tax administrative spatial data can be used for accessibility analysis to employment in the City of Cape Town

18 Apr - Prof Allan McKinnon (Kuhne Logistics University): Net zero logistics: a review of the carbon mitigation and sequestration options

21 Apr - Prof Tom de Jong (Utrecht University): Adding competition effects to the measurement of job accessibility in Cape Town Metro

25 Aug - Dr Martin du Plessis (SU/Logistics): A carbon mapping framework for the international distribution of fresh fruit: a standard for estimating GHG emissions

1 Sept - Mike Steyn (Aspire Solutions): City of Cape Town urban mobility data

8 Sept - Dr Mesias Alfeus (SU/Statistics and Actuarial Science): Stochastic default risk estimation: evidence from the South African financial market
13 Oct - Gavin Le Roux (SU/Logistics): Constructive and reconstructive heuristics for the fixed charge transportation problem

2022 seminars

11 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft​​): Examples​ of ac​ademic collaboration between faculties, universities, and the wider society​

11 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft): COVID-19 and its long-term effects on activity participation and travel behaviour: A multiperspective view

14 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft): Controversial policies: growing support after implementation
15 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft): Accessibility and equity: a conceptual framework and research agenda
16 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft): A method to evaluate equitable accessibility: combining ethical theories and accessibility-based approaches
17 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft): Travel behavi​our and health: a conceptual model and research agenda
18 Mar - Prof Bert Van Wee (TU Delft): Substitutability as a spatial concept to evaluate travel alternatives​

19 Aug - Ulrike Kussing and Heinri Freiboth (SU/Logistics): Preparing Logistics Honours students for the workplace: Are we equipping them with the right skills?

2 Sept - Kurt Marais (SU/Logistics): Towards an infodemiological analysis of social media and mental health

4 Nov - Prof Dr Ingo Gestring (HTW Dresden): Logistics challenges in Germany

25 Nov - Prof Johan Louw (SU/Logistics): Experiential learning applied in a supply chain planning and decision making context (using "The Fresh Connection")

2021 seminars

21 May - Prof Jan Havenga (SU/Logistics): Macrologistics and the meat ​industry of Mongolia: The case for National Value Chain optimisation

10 Jun - ​​Mr Risenga Maluleka (Statistician-General, StatsSA): Insights into the travel patterns within South Africa, examining the results of the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) 2020

18 Jun - Dirk Human (Datarobot): Automated machine learning in industry

15 Nov - Discussion group: The future of Higher Education (facilitated by Linke Potgieter)

7 Des - Discussion group: How do we adjust ou in-person classes to get students back into the classroom? (facilitated by Leila Goedhals-Gerber)

7 Des - Discussion group: How do we address sustainability within our teaching and research? (facilitated by Jacomien Van der Merwe)

2019 seminars

25 Jan - Panel discussion by Magda Barnard, with Heinri Freiboth, Dr Sharon Malan and Alwyn Visser: Tips for teaching

8 Feb - Panel discussion by Dr Jaco Franken, with Prof Stephan Visagie, Prof Tertius de Wet, Prof Ronel du Preez and Prof Johan Fourie: Strategies for supervision

22 Feb - Noé Fouotsa Manfouo (SU/Logistics): Time series forecasting with machine learning

12 Apr - James Azam (SACEMA): Measles outbreak response vaccination: the role of the vaccine supply chain in low-income settings

10 May - Patuxolo Nodada (CEO: Busmark): Future technologies in public transport and unfriendly ecosystem

2 Aug - Prof Leila Goedhals-Gerber (SU/Logistics): Identifying temperature breaks along South African export cold chains​​

16 Aug - ​Pieter de Wet (Business modelling associates): End-to-end supply chain optimisation for a forestry company

27 Sept - Dr Alewyn Burger (SU/Logistics): Exploring the edge between mathematics and art

11 Oct - Johan Van Rensburg (SU/Logistics): Vehicle speeding reduction in South Africa: A voluntary travel behaviour change experiment

29 Oct - Prof Stanislav Kraft (University of South Behemia, Czech Republic): Daily rhythms in the city - what can we learn from intelligent transport systems?

2018 seminars

24 Jan - Susan Lotz & colleagues (Language Centre) : Language services in support of effective supervision

31 Jan - Dr Jacques du Toit (Data scientist - Spatial Edge): Big data analytics in practice

16 Feb - Prof Fredrik Nilsson (Lund University): Towards a dynamic shelf-life for minimized food waste

2 Mrt - Jacomien van der Merwe (SU/Logistics): The financial burden when getting employed: Investigating the impact of transport cost on the employee churn rate within the lower skilled labour market

14 Mrt - Prof Henrik Palsson (Lund University): Environmental efficiency in e-commerce: Effects of packaging, the last mile, unsold products and product returns

20 Apr - Dr McElory Hoffman (CEO - Praelexis): Crafting machine learning algorithms

26 Apr - Prof Tom de Jongh (Utrecht University ): Transport network based accessibility: some recent applications and developments

18 May - Prof Johan Louw (SU/Logistics) : Visual data analytics

25 May - Prof Juliet Pulliam (Director - SACEMA): Assessing designs for vaccine efficacy trials during epidemics of severe disease

1 Jun - Prof Jan Havenga (SU/Logistics): The case for macrologistics

24 Aug - Prof Stephan Visagie (SU/Logistics): Distribution centre optimisation

7 Sept - Francois Meyer (CEO - Golden Arrow Bus Services) : Bus and bus rapid transport in Cape Town: views from the operator

5 Oct - Prof Wim Delva (Deputy Director -  SACEMA): Recasting model calibration as a missing data problem: Approximate Bayesian Computation with MICE

9 Nov - Siphamandla Gumbi (Senior Manager - Road Accident Fund): Increasing road crashes as a consequence of poor management of road safety in SA

2017 seminars

12 May - John FD Muller (Stellenbosch Municipality): Stellenbosch traffic demand management strategy

9 Jun - Prof Hannelie Nel (SU/Logistics): Analysis of StatsSA Census Data - Stellenbosch as an example

28 Jul - Mosa Mkhize (Uber SA): The future of urban mobility

2016 seminars

29 Feb - AGM van den Hanenberg (Rotterdam University) : Chinese investments in infrastructure and the effect on transport flows

18 Mrt - Ulrike Kussing (SU/Logistics): Development of a performance measurement framework for public sector supply chain management

18 Mrt - Lieschen Venter (SU/Logistics): A hybrid simulation model of the South African education system

20 Jun - Dr Ian Durbach (UCT): Stochastic multi-criteria acceptability analysis

2014 seminars

14 Feb - Prof Paulo Toth (University of Bologna, Italy) : A reduced-cost iterated local search heuristic for the fixed charge transportation problem

25 Apr - Prof Jan Havenga (SU/Logistics): Role of freight demand modelling in logistics systems and infrastructure and perspectives on the long term future of the discipline

18 Sept - Prof Harry Timmermans (Eindhoven University): Beyond rational utility-maximising models of travel choice behaviour

21 Nov - Dr Alewyn Burger (SU/Logistics): The wrapslide puzzle

2013 seminars

7 Aug - Prof James Stock (University of South Florida): Reverse logistics and sustainability

27 Sept - Prof Tom de Jong (Utrecht University): Sense making of GPS data - exploring the use of GIS to visualise, analyse and enhance GPS measurements in order to reconstruct travel diaries

21 Okt - Prof Dag Ericsson (University of Boras, Sweden): Theory and practice of demand chain management - a symbiotic concept development