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Seminar series 2018

​Lectures start at 13:00 and are held in room 3022 of the Van der Sterr Building, c/o Victoria and Bosman streets, Stellenbosch.

Enquiries:       Linke Potgieter

Telephone:    021 808 2492

e-mail:            lpotgieter@sun.ac.za

DateTimeSpeakerTitle of talkSubject area
​24 Jan​10:00 - 13:00Susan Lotz & colleagues (Language Centre)​​Language services in support of effective supervisionAll​
​31 Jan13:00 - 14:00​​Dr Jacques du Toit (Spatial Edge)​Big data analytics in practiceOperations research​
​16 Feb11:00 - 12:00​​Prof Fredrik Nilsson (Lund University)Towards a dynamic shelf-life for minimized food waste​Logistics management
​2 Mar13:00 - 14:00​​Jacomien van der Merwe (SU/Logistics)The financial burden when getting employed: Investigating the impact of transport cost on the employee churn rate within the lower skilled labour market​Transport economics
14 Mar​13:00 - 14:00Prof Henrik Palsson (Lund University)Environmental efficiency in e-commerce: Effects of packaging, the last mile, unsold products and product returnsLogistics management
20 Apr13:00 - 14:00​Dr McElory Hoffman (Praelexis)
Crafting machine learning algorithms
Operations research
​26 Apr
​13:00 - 14:00
​Prof Tom de Jongh (Utrecht University​)
​Transport network based accessibility: some recent applications and developments
​Transport / Operations research
18 May​13:00 - 14:00Prof Johan Louw (SU/Logistics)
Visual data ana​lytics
25 May​13:00 - 14:00Prof Juliet Pulliam (SACEMA)
Assessing designs for vaccine efficacy trials during epidemics of severe disease​
Epidemiology / ​Operations research
​1 Jun​13:00 - 14:00Prof Jan Havenga (SU/Logistics)The case for macrologistics​
Logistics management
27 Jul​13:00 - 14:00Johan van Rensburg (SU/Logistics)​DRIiVE - Distance-based road user charge voluntary experiment
​Transport economics
​17 Aug​13:00 - 14:00​Prof Stephan Visagie (SU/Logistics)​Distribution centre optimisation​Operations research
​7 Sept​11:00-12:00​Prof Leila Goedhals-Gerber (SU/Logistics)​Cold chain logistics​Logistics management
​5 Oct​13:00 - 14:00Prof Wim Delva (SACEMA)
​To be confirmed
Epidemiology / Operations research
​16 Nov​13:00 - 14:00​To be confirmed