Africa Centre for HIV/ AIDS Management
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Goals & Purposes


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The Africa Centre believes academic institutions must play a creative and active role in nourishing social, political and economic transformation. They structure this role on three pillars: academic programmes, research and community mobilisation. Taking into account these pillars, the Centre has the following general aims:

  • Building knowledge and infrastructure in order to maintain the highest possible standards in the education, research and service rendering on HIV/AIDS in the workplace by offering postgraduate educational programmes on the management of HIV/AIDS in the workplace (which can be also offered in collaboration with other institutions and with the support of external funding)
  • Conducting research with respect to HIV/AIDS in the workplace, as well as publishing the results in peer-reviewed journals
  • Developing and implementing community projects relating to the management of HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Making available knowledge and expertise in the area of HIV/AIDS in the workplace to interested people and organisations
  • Controlling and managing external funds earmarked for the Centre to improve its teaching, research and service-rendering capabilities

Apart from the dedicated permanent staff, the Centre collaborates with specialists in various sectors, from both inside and outside Stellenbosch University. Every person involved with the work of the Africa Centre has a true passion for being pro-active about HIV/AIDS and bringing hope to a nation severely affected by the disease.​