Africa Centre for HIV/ AIDS Management
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Can students from outside South Africa apply for the Africa Centre’s courses?

Yes, provided that they meet the academic requirements (a degree or 4-year diploma)

To which NQF level does the diploma apply?

NQF Level 7​

Do I have to be in a management position in order to do the PDM course? 

No. We have students from various backgrounds doing the course, including educators, nurses and medical doctors.

Are there any study bursaries available?

Yes, it is administrated by the University. Further details are available here

Do I have to write exams when I do the PDM?

No, we make use of continuous evaluation through individual assignments.​

When can I register for the course?

Once they are accepted for the course, students can register from 1 December every year.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is currently R9 500. Please visit the Stellenbosch University website for the payment options.

Do I have to submit any o​​​riginal academic certificates? 

When you apply for the course, you can send certified copies of your certificates or academic results in order to avoid losing your original documents in the mail. You must however show us your original certificates during the summer school or before graduation.​