Welcome to the Private Student Organisation (PSO) general information page.
For more information and the contact details for your specific PSO, please visit the individual house's tab under the dropdown menu, or see the links at the bottom of this page.

What is a PSO?

A Private Student Organisation, or PSO, is an organisational structure that supports private students living in private accommodation that attend Stellenbosch University (SU). These Communities are administered through the Centre for Student Communities, within the Division of Student Affairs, and led by elec​ted student leaders, in collaboration with the PSO Coordinators who manage the PSO Office. Each PSO coordinates the orientation of new students and offers access to sporting, cultural and social activities, and leadership development opportunities. We also allocate newcomers to a peer mentor through their PSO.

We believe the aforementioned structure helps deliver well-rounded graduates to society, post-graduation. Please note that a PSO does not offer accommodation to students. If you do not choose to apply for a residence, or do not receive residence placement, It is your responsibility to arrange your own private accommodation and will then form a part of a PSO.

Why do we use PSO's at Stellenbosch University?​

One of Stellenbosch University's key focus areas for student development is the co-curricular and the out-of-class experience. The PSO's are positioned in order to fulfil this need and to give students the opportunity to experience a wholesome and diverse University experience. All students who do not make use of the university's residence accommodation are automatically members of a PSO–approximately 70% of our students. These students are divided into different PSO communities which provide them with all the opportunities for successful social and academic integration on campus. Stellenbosch University utilises this structure to provide our Maties with support and opportunities for growth and development in the co-curricular environment. This allows our graduates to leave SU as well-rounded individuals who, because of their diverse university experience, are better positioned as attractive graduates in the job market.

What PSO will I be in?

You will be randomly allocated to one of the eleven PSO wards, as per the Stellenbosch University Placement Policy. Each PSO offers the same quality of academic and social support and will also allow you access to the facilities offered through each cluster. As a Matie you will take part in various activities through your PSO and cluster and will also, depending on your academic faculty, be allocated into academic tutorial groups as per your cluster. Students are not permitted to change PSO's and their allocation remains for the duration of their University journey. Should you “illegally" change PSO's you find you do not have access to any of the facilities, activities and leadership opportunities/roles linked to the PSO. It is therefore highly recommended that you stay within your allocated PSO in order to gain the most out of your university journey and not reach a point later on in your time at SU where you cannot take on the opportunities offered through the PSO structure.

How does my cluster fit into this?

A cluster is made up of several residences and PSO's that are geographically close to one another. Clusters play a significant role in the integration and support of new students on campus and ensure that students experience the University as a caring and nurturing place. They also integrate the university experience of residence students, day students, and students in private accommodation. Clusters also ensure that the facilities between the PSO and Residence students are shared.

PSO Fees

Please note that all PSO Students, as defined in the Student Fees (Calendar, Part 3), pay PSO Fees. Please refer to page 42 and paragraph 6.6 for more clarity on PSO Fees.

Is it a council decision that all students not living in University residence, barring those exemptions mentioned in paragraph 6.6, pay PSO fees until the end of their honours year. As indicated above, PSO members have access to many out-of-class facilities and activities offered through their PSOs that are strongly encouraged. It is Stellenbosch University's intention that students take part in Residence or PSO activities besides their academics in order to leave SU as well-rounded graduates. This is one of SU's intended graduate attributes with the PSO & residence structure the intended vehicle used in order to attain this.

By being allocated a PSO, students can book meals and dine in the open residence dining halls in their clusters. If a student is not in contact with their PSO for whatever reason, the student should contact the PSO Office to facilitate the relevant contact.

Who are we?

PSO Office is within the Centre for Student Communities (CSC), which forms part of the Division Student Affairs (DSAf) of Stellenbosch University, led by the Senior Director, Dr Choice Makhetha. DSAf is overseen by Vice-Rector: Teaching and Learning, Prof Arnold Schoonwinkel. The PSO Office is managed by Jethro Georgiades.

The PSO Office was established in March 2016 to offer a world-class co-curricular experience to PSO students. They are assisted by two PSO Assistants and the Vice-Chairperson or Chairperson of the Prim Committee. Collectively, the PSO Office oversees the elected student leaders (Prims, Vice-Prims, House Committee members and Mentors) of the eleven(11) PSOs on the Stellenbosch Campus.

Location of the PSO Office:


PSO Announcements:

pso@sun.ac.za Or info@sun.ac.za

                                                      Jethro Georgiades                                  Minette Sieberhagen

                                                                    PSO Coordinator                                                          PSO Coordinator               

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                                                                                                Bryan Jason Bergsteedt​

                                                                                                 Tygerberg Campus Visiting head​​

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Student Assistants 

Melissa PS.png.pngLeoné.png 

              Melissa Pretorius                                                 Leoné Wilkinson​                   

                                                                PSO Office Administrative Assistant                 PSO Media & Communications Office


  To reach our student assistants, email pso@sun.ac.za.


Margra Wevell

    ​PSO SRC Representative