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FVZS: Collective Leadership

This course will be presented online and applications are open to all students.

Traditional approaches and practices of leadership attempted to define it (leadership) through the application of various theories and models that have been developed over years. Thus, the focus of leadership has very much revolved around individual traits, knowledge and the behaviour of individuals (Rost,1993). This understanding and application of leadership has contributed to the increasing need for rethinking the ideas and practices of leadership as a process, rather than a title, and change and decisions being made based on social constructivism. The Collective Leadership1 short course, is an attempt to rethink and redefine leadership as a social process (continuous)where change and goals are achieved through continuous and intentional interaction with others. 

In the Collective Leadership short course, participants will explore the concept of collective leadership, through a relational leadership theory lens, and the proposition that it forms the foundation and building blocks for understanding of all leadership theories and models; the importance of dialogue/ communication within the leadership-relationship; the idea that context continuously shapes the idea and understanding of leadership, and finally, will explore theoretically and practically how relationships and empathetic connections are formed, but specifically, how collective leadership can identify and address social and cultural change.

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Cost: R625 for citizens of African countries; R1875 for other nationals – payable in cash or on your student account.
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[1] Social constructivism emphasizes the importance of culture and context in understanding what occurs in society and constructing knowledge based on this understanding (Derry, 1999; McMahon, 1997)