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Information about employers, careers, higher education institutions, and self-help job-seeking skills is available at the Resource Centre during office hours. This information includes books, encyclopaedias, files with career-related information, networking, and information about other tertiary institutions in South Africa.

A computerised careers-based programme called the Pace Careers Centre and other information about companies can be accessed from our computers. The information at the Resource Centre provides answers to the following questions: What career opportunities are there for my course? What is the most effective job-seeking strategy? Where can I find work? Where did previous Maties find jobs? What are the advantages of networking, and how do I develop this skill? When and how do I manage my career? What other qualifications will make me more marketable? What are employers looking for?

10 Minutes With has exceptionally helpful resources students can use to improve their employment-seeking skills. A range of topics are covered by advisors who have worked at some of the world's top brand name employers, giving valuable insights in their presentations about the world of work. Students can access recorded interviews 24/7 in the comfort of their own homes.


Office hours: Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30. You do not need an appointment to visit the Resource Centre.

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