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Consultation, Training & Costs


Workshops and other consultations


The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) will host several workshops to enable us to be of service to more people with similar needs. It could be that you do not have a specific need but merely would like to improve or develop certain skills. The workshops usually consist of a specific number of sessions offered weekly in groups. Some workshops comprise a single session while others can last for five to six weeks. On completion of the attendance of some workshops, each participant receives a certificate to acknowledge attendance.

Amongst others, topics include the following:

  1. Academic development: Study methods; Effective time management;  Thinking skills and Stress management during tests and exams
  2. Personal development: Improve your self-confidence and social skills; stress management in your studies and personal life
  3. Professional interviewing skills
  4. CV writing skills
  5. Sign Language workshops

For a complete schedule of workshops in 2018 and to get more information, please visit workshops



Multidisciplinary case discussions and forum presentations are presented regularly as part of the in-service training programme staff of the CSCD. The multidisciplinary case discussions are currently accredited by the Professional Board for Credits (called CPDs) and are attended by registered practitioners. This programme (known as "Psychology CPD Well") is also available on: .

Forum presentations are occasions during which the staff may conduct conversations and interviews with experts on current subjects relating directly to the services offered by the centre.



Most services offered by the CSCD to enrolled SU students are free of charge. This includes individual therapy and group therapy for a maximum of 10 to 12 sessions. If it becomes necessary for you to consult a psychiatrist, a fee will probably be charged. Feel free to discuss the fee with us if it is a challenge.

For some workshops and psychometric assessments, a minimal fee may be charged to cover the costs.