Center for Student Counseling & Development
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Work Sessions & Other Support


Academic Work Sessions

The CSCD offers several services to students with disabilities. Individual assistance as well as workshops pertaining to personal problems, career planning, stress management, job-seeking skills, time management skills, academic problems, study skills and thinking skills are provided, amongst others. Sign Language classes are also presentedd. Visit

Beginner classes for Sign Language

These are presented during the first and the second semesters to those interested with no sign language background. The work sessions consists of 6 consecutive sessions and is offered at a fee of R120.00 (R20 per session). Dates will be indicated in the event articles on the home page of the website .

Bookings can be made electronically only at For further information, contact 021 808-3675 or send an e-mail to Students with special needs should please indicate what other support might be needed to make material or sound more accessible during the worksession. Needs can be indicated via an email to

Academic tutors


Should you require academic support for individual subjects, please contact the relevant lecturers in your Faculty.  


Mentors in residences


All first-year students have access to mentors in the residences where they live and via the private student organisation (PSO) wards. These mentors can provide emotional and academic support. It is recommended that you keep in close contact with the chosen mentors in your residence or PSO.



It is important that you are continually in contact with your lecturers regarding your needs and that you immediately discuss your needs with any new lecturers you may acquire during the course of your studies. Because you understand the challenges you face in your academic life better than the Disability Unit or anyone else ever will, it is primarily your responsibility to ensure that your lecturers are informed of your needs. The Disability Unit will support you, especially at the beginning of your studies, but it is recommended that you build a good rapport with your lecturers so that they get to know you and remain aware of your needs throughout your studies. It is also vital that you inform us of your needs so that we can support you.