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The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) is committed to providing the Stellenbosch University (SU) community with psychological, developmental and support services in our quest to be partners for success. Our vision is to be a centre that is approachable, inclusive and client centred, with our values based on a shared humanity. Staff members include clinical, counselling and educational psychologists, counsellors, social workers, psychology interns, student assistants, project/portfolio coordinators, a psychometrist, support officers and administrative staff. The CSCD consists of four units that endeavour through their core functions to promote citizenship by facilitating wellness and personal agency. The CSCD have offices on the Stellenbosch and Tygerberg Campuses.​


37 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch

Tel: 021 808 4707 / 021 808 4994 (office hours)


Standing in front of the main entrance of the Education Building, turn left to the side entrance for disabled persons. The CSCD Office (No 0073) is on the right before you get to the glass doors for disabled persons.

Tel: 021 927 7020 (office hours)



24-hour emergency service in collaboration with ER24 (special number 010 205 3032 after hours and over weekends)

In case of an emergency during office hours, please contact our office at 021 808 4994 or e‑mail us at​


The following Units are accommodated in five centrally located buildings in Victoria Street, Stellenbosch:​​​

Unit for Academic Counselling and Development (UACD)

The Unit renders a development-directed service focusing on the academic challenges students may experience. The team comprise educational psychologists, a psychometrist, a registered counsellor and intern psychologists. Support is provided to students on study methods, coping with test and examination stress, time management and the optimisation of their potential through individual consultations, work sessions and self-help material. Career counselling for registered students is also available. Please be sure to send an e‑mail to for an individual appointment or to enquire about our work sessions.​

Unit for Psychotherapeutic and Support Services (UPSS)

The Unit offers individual, group therapy and work sessions. Confidential and professional services are provided by psychologists and registered counsellors. The Unit offers psychotherapy for a broad spectrum of problems experienced by students, for instance depression, high stress levels, adjustment problems, substance abuse, and relationship or family problems.

The Unit has implemented screening sessions as part of the evaluation process for students who experience psychological challenges. The aim of the screening session is to determine the nature and urgency of the student's problem and to do a relevant allocation to the next level of care. An after hours psychological emergency service is also available to registered students from 16:00 to 08:00, including weekends (the ER24 crisis line number is 010 205 3032).

Social workers provide a service in the interest of student welfare. During the academic year, these workers render comprehensive professional psychosocial services to students regarding social issues, including support, guidance and counselling. Social workers manage the food security programme and students who apply for assistance are assessed holistically and receive the appropriate support if indicated.

Students who wish to enquire about the services or request any of these are reminded to send an e‑mail to for an appointment. The appointments for all services are conducted in a hybrid manner, which means they are either face-to-face or online.

Disability Unit (DU)

The Disability Unit offers a range of services to students with disabilities, from advice on appropriate academic support solutions, to accessible tailored study materials. The Disability Access Policy of Stellenbosch University (SU) informs the Unit's activities. We advise prospective students with disabilities about any available support when they arrive at SU. We also discuss appropriate academic support solutions and ensure that academic material is accessible for study, test and exam purposes. The DU also offers students and staff various training opportunities. These include a Lead with Disability programme for students and arrangements for staff training through the Siyakhula training sessions. Please come chat to us about any disability-related uncertainties and do contact us at Follow us on the Student Affairs Facebook page and the Disability Unit Facebook page at @sudisabilityunit, and via the Instagram page at @sudisabilityunit for updates and information. You are also welcome to visit us at 39 Victoria Street, House Simon Nkoli Huis, Stellenbosch.

Here are five videos providing information on the DU.​

Student experience video with SU students, Luigia Nicholas (1) 
Student experience video with SU student, Ilze Aaron

Student experience video with SU student, L​uigia Nicholas (2)

Student experience video with SU student, Lathi Msi 

​​Student experience video with SU student, Luigia Nicholas (3)

Unit for Graduand Career S​​ervices (UGCS)

The Unit supports students with the transition from education to employment. This could include individual sessions about your career, group sessions on CV writing, interview skills, your online LinkedIn profile and exposure to network opportunities with companies via career fairs and advising on methods to search for jobs. All our core services are offered online.

The Unit manages an online career services management system called MatiesCareers ( that gives students easy access to search for and apply for permanent jobs, internships, part-time jobs and volunteer jobs. All SU students are strongly encouraged to register on the system. It is important for students to start preparing for their transition to the world of work as early as their first year. MatiesCareers provides information about the Unit's services and interesting activities happening on campus. This also affords students the opportunity to register online for the Unit's services. As several employers are registered on the platform, students can also upload their CVs to potential employers and search for employer's information and work opportunities. MatiesCareers allows students to stay abreast of the Unit's operations and the world of work 24/7. Contact us via e‑mail at​