SU accommodates about 6 500 students at its various residences on the Stellenbosch Campus and around 1 000 students at the Tygerberg Campus. Some residences are equipped to cater specifically to students with disabilities.

On-campus living

Several residences on campus are equipped for students with disabilities. Adaptations to existing buildings can be made where possible, however, your specific needs must first be communicated to your residence head or the Disability Unit. The University has improved its sports grounds, sports activities and access to parking to accommodate students with disabilities. Contact the Unit or the Contact and Client Service Centre at 021 808 9111 or info@sun.ac.za for more information.

Off-campus living

Should you wish to live off-campus, private accommodation enquiries can be directed to Commercial Services at 021 808 3950, Neelsie Properties (situated in the Neelsie Student Centre on the Stellenbosch Campus) at 021 887 3780, or visit Student Stellies Stay at www.stellies-student-stay.co.za.

Buildings and access to parking​

Continued upgrades are done to improve accessibility at all SU buildings and grounds. Provision is also made for the parking needs of students with disabilities. If you need advice on how to obtain a disabled parking disc, contact Melanie Willems on 021 808 3675 or email mwillems@sun.ac.za. Report physical access problems to Facilities Management at 021 808 4666.


SU offers a variety of sports for persons with disabilities. To find out more, contact Wentzel Barnard on 021 808 3537 or wwb2@sun.ac.za.