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Rubix is a student community at Stellenbosch University formed by the geographic proximity of Heemstede, Metanoia, Nerina, and the smaller communities within them. Our student community or cluster serves as the bridge through which our community is brought together and progressively built with unity, diversity, and equality as our foundational values. Students find safe on-campus spaces to share ideas, network extensively, build teams and relationships and integrate into campus activities through the Rubix yearly programs.
Our cluster system seeks to provide more effective services to our students under the themes of welcoming and integrating new students, bridging the gap for students, connecting, and supporting senior students. Our students get integrated into the relevant structures – including sports, academics, support services, and leadership development required to complete their studies successfully.
The ultimate goal of the Rubix is to foster the academic and social activities of its members within the campus. By presenting the opportunity of identifying, connecting, and promoting community service amidst diverse backgrounds, we are positioned for the effective transition of these foundational values into the Stellenbosch University student community. Since the community is about influence, serving as the bridge for students’ togetherness opens us to the task of extending such opportunities for progress after school. Our success has to go beyond being a Matie for it to be truly meaningful.
​​'s vision and mission

To serve as the bridge through which our senior community is brought together and progressively built with unity, diversity, and equality as our foundational values through their university journey. ​'s values​

Community, inclusivity, empowerment, student support & development.

The history of was formed in 2021 to support the needs of senior students on campus. It was a way to bridge the disconnection between senior students in the university. In its pioneer year, several activities were organised, from welcoming to driving license training followed by an easy investing series to connecting students to resources. This year bought life and hope for senior students through the welcoming and integration of Stellies student life. 

Activities and offerings

We offer support services by directly guiding students to the relevant structures on campus. Rubix has many community-building activities ranging from hiking to social and community impact initiatives, tours, driving lessons, talks, training sessions (Industrial, entrepreneurship, investment, postgraduate journey), funding opportunities, and consultation. These activities are geared towards building a sense of belonging and friendship amongst our members. We aim to bring our members together during our termly reading club to encourage self-development and awareness.'s Executive leader


George Mbella Teke 

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