Promoting an inclusive culture:

(I.e. how to develop programs that disrupt those traditions and residence cultures that continue to maintain hierarchies of power, privilege and seniority amongst students and amongst staff and students?)

Student Agency:

Student leaders must be capacitated to be MEDIATORS, able mediate conflicts among students on issues of institutional values, facilitate transformative dialogue and serve as ambassadors for reconciliation and human rights cultures across our campuses.

Cross-cultural intelligence:

Students having the ability to demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of elements important to another culture concerning its history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, beliefs and practices. This can include but not limited to the following;


(I.e. Self-awareness is the consciousness of our social identities, cultures, biases, and perspectives.)

Understanding and valuing others

(I.e. Ability to value and appreciate ways of being, doing, and thinking other than our own)

 (Ability to recognize how other people express internalized superiority and internalized inferiority)

Knowledge of societal inequities

(I.e. Knowledge of the history, ideology, and current manifestations of systemic inequalities and how they reinforce each other.

 • Understanding of how different forms of oppression operate on interpersonal, cultural, institutional, and structural levels.

 • Understanding of the impact of systemic inequalities on individuals' opportunities and lived realities)

Skills to interact effectively with a diversity of people in different contexts

  Ability to embrace, integrate, and adapt to different cultural styles.

• Deal with conflict due to cultural differences and the dynamics of inequality.

• Engage in dialogue about social identities, diversity, and oppression issues.

Skills to foster equity and inclusion.

Being able to identify and address inequities and choose appropriate interventions to create environments, policies, and practices to ensure diversity and fairness