The aim of the Centre for Student Leadership, Experiential Education and Citizenship (CSLEEC) is to ensure that Stellenbosch University (SU) provides comprehensive and coherent leadership experiences for its students by the development of graduate attributes. The CSLEEC consists of the four offices shown below.



The Co-Curriculum Office positions experiential learning as pedagogy for social justice through Shared Humanity: Lessons in Critical Thinking; academic transcript recognition for approved co-curricular activities; training in the principles of designing for transformative experiential learning; and the experiential learning prospectus. Collaborative partnerships, research, monitoring, and evaluation assure alignment to SU Vision 2040. 


Through the lens of democracy, human rights, and social justice, in honour of a great South African thought-leader, Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, the FVZSI's leadership offerings (from semester-long short courses recognised on the academic transcript to an integrated critical engagement portfolio) empower youth leaders to challenge their roles as active citizens within the broader global context. 


The CSLEEC Online Programming team advises the Co-Curriculum and Student Governance teams with its experiential learning and leadership development programmes, as well as short courses offered by the FVZS Institute – enhancing, enabling, and extending access through online platforms, facilitating transformative student experiences across the institution, the continent, and the world. 

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Student Governance promotes ethical student governance principles in the face of governance challenges in the twenty-first century, in South Africa, Africa, and around the globe. Guided by the SU Co-Curriculum Competency Framework and Graduate Attributes, student leaders are provided with leadership development opportunities empowering them to formulate solutions to some of the complexities and challenges student leaders are confronted with today. 


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