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About Aristea

Aristea CSC is a vibrant, fun, and dynamic group of individuals, which was established in 1973. This means we are the oldest women's CSC on campus. With our age comes not only rich history but a legacy of powerful leaders and women of mind and heart.

Aristea is not a place for members to fit into a mold  of any sort but rather to encourage each other's individuality, celebrate each other's differences and do our best to support each other's endeavours as best as we can. 

Aristea's vision and mission

Aristea CSC is committed to creating a space that fosters belonging and promotes development through constant learning and appreciation for our members. Through servant-driven leadership, we aim to be held accountable just as we hold others accountable. Whilst intentionally embodying the values of our house and the greater community.

Aristea's values

Approachability, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Individuality​

The history of Aristea

We have the legacy of being the oldest women’s CSC on campus, and with this, we provide not only an experience but a legacy that is irreplaceable and well-known throughout Stellenbosch University. We were founded in 1973 and look forward to many more years to come.

Mentorship offered by Aristea

We currently have 15 mentors that are handpicked out of a large senior group to guide our newcomers within their first year. Their role is to create a comfortable and inviting environment specifically within welcoming week. The growth of our members in all spheres of their lives is of our utmost concern.

Activities and offerings


    • Mentor sessions
    • Wimbledon cluster study groups


    • Molassesêr​
    • Debating
    • Culture Evenings


    • Hockey
    • Netball
    • Table Tennis

Leadership Development

    • House Committee
    • Newcomers Committee
    • Mentor and Seniors Forum
    • Social Impact Club
    • Marketing Committee
    • Events Committees (including House Dance)


    • Clubs - Book club, Cooking Club, Hiking Club
    • Seniors
    • Wimbledon Hub Facilities

Aristea's Primaria

Margra Wevell.png​​​
Julia Deacon Meyer

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Social Media

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