About Pieke

Pieke was established in 1973 and has flourished over the past years. We pride ourselves by striving for our values of Honour, Excellence, Integrity, and Service. Grounded by these values, Pieke aims for success in all spheres such as sport, social, cultural, and academic spheres. As a community that falls as part of the Rubix Cluster (along with Nerina, Heemstede, Venustia, and Metanoia), Pieke has shown its capability of being a dedicated, supportive, and excelling community that learns and grows amongst other communities in Pieke. 


On a cultural level, Pieke Manssêr, our acapella group, is very well known on campus and has represented Stellenbosch University twice at the National Kleinsêr Competition. Pieke is currently the only CSC that has won SU Acapella as well as Maties Mollasêr in the male section. SU Acapella, and in particular Pieke Manssêr, is one of the cultural highlights for any Piekeman. In addition to sêr, Pieke has been a strong competitor in the annual Toneelfees, having won this event several times in previous years. Pieke is also known for being a community that carries out Campus Serenades in a positive, respectful and “vibey" manner.


When it comes to sports, Pieke has been incredibly successful in a wide range of sporting activities. Our squash team has won the A league, against some of the strongest residences on campus, several times. Additionally, we are the only CSC to have ever won the inter-residence swimming gala. Pieke is a strong competitor on the soccer and hockey fields. Additionally, our community forms part of the CSC Barbarians rugby team, a team consisting of players from different male and co-ed CSCs. The CSC Barbarians is a force to be reckoned with in the Maties Residence Rugby League. We also participate in activities such as chess. In recent years Pieke has also performed in table tennis and has won the second league title. When it comes to sport, Pieke has delivered several successful Maties sport members.


We value academics, and in order to assist newcomers with adapting to university academics, we have a mentorship program in place. The newcomers are assigned to a senior Pieke member, which acts as a mentor, to assist and guide the student with any queries. Our mentors have the necessary skills to provide newcomers with any assistance they may require. Additionally, we encourage all Pieke members to strive for Excellence in their academics whilst providing resources and study tips throughout every year.


As Pieke, we have a lot of spirit, despite the fact that we don't live together in a residence. We maintain this spirit by organising numerous events throughout the year, which range from a formal House Dance to a hike known as the Pieke Sumit. Our community aims to create a home away from home, providing safety and security for everyone in it.

Pieke's vision and mission

We are known for our spirit and pride. Being a home away from home, Pieke is an established CSC that gives each individual a place to flourish. Pieke aims to provide for the needs of every community member, whether it is in sport, academics, or culture.


It is, therefore, the mission of Pieke to maintain the unity within the House by treating each member as equal and providing a platform where it is possible to achieve their full potential and strive towards the Pieke values.

Pieke's values

Our values guide actions, our events, and our interactions. We aim to express the importance of values, whether they be Pieke values, university values or individual values, to all Pieke members. The different leadership bodies engage in conversations with themselves and Pieke members to identify the place of our values of HonourExellenceIntegrity, and Service. It is through these conversations that we are able to better understand our values and embody them.

The history of Pieke

Established in 1973, Pieke is the oldest CSC in South Africa. In 2023 Pieke we celebrated Pieke’s 50 year reunion with alumni and present Pieke members, we have continued to expand our offerings for our members and alumni, and we look forward to learning and growing as a community.

Activities and offerings


•    Mentor Groups

•    Cluster Study-groups

•    Resources and tips


•    Rugby (CSC Barbarians)

•    Football

•    Hockey 

•    E-Sports 

•    Ultimate Frisbee


•    SU Acapella

•    Molassesêr

•    Toneelfees 

•    Woordfees 

•    Music & Culture evenings


•    Leadership Development 

•    Critical Engagement

Moments of Awe

•    SU & Pieke Welcoming

•    Pieke Summit

•    House Dance

•    Serenade 

•    Pieke Week

Mentorship offered by Pieke

We have a mentorship program, run by senior members of Pieke, assisting in academic needs. We also have various other committees for fellow members to grow and mentor/be mentored by others in the House. We currently have 12 mentors that have been handpicked out of a large senior group to guide our newcomers within their first year. Their role is to create a safe and positive environment specifically within Welcoming week.

Pieke's Primarius


Antuan Nel

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