About Olympus

Olympus is a mixed, commuter student community established to assist newcomer students in their transition into Stellenbosch University and provide students with a community within the greater university environment. We provide students with the opportunity of a full student experience through numerous initiatives, activities, and events beyond their academic responsibilities.

Olympus forms part of the Validus cluster alongside Huis Visser, Simonsberg, Huis Marais, Goldfields, ISA Academy and Academia. Forming part of a cluster not only allows our members to engage and interact with those in residence spaces and other CSCs, but to collaborate and provide students with more opportunities to learn and gain new perspectives that would not be possible in a single community.​

Olympus' vision and mission

Olympus aligns itself as an all-inclusive space to enable our members with a platform to explore their identities and world views in a space that is supportive, safe and encouraging.

We, as a community, aim to continue to develop our legacy of being influential in our surroundings and aim for enjoyment, inclusivity and mutual respect. We use our values as a guide to develop students that possess the qualities and characteristics of that outlined by the Stellenbosch University's graduate attributes goals.

Olympus' values

Critically engaged and aware
Individuality within the Community

The history of Olympus

Olympus CSC was established in 2012, making us one of the newest CSCs on campus, and has since become a prominent figure within the larger Stellenbosch community. With the community being relatively new, it allows us to transform and grow with our students to cater for and make way for new and ever-advancing perspectives.

Mentorship offered by Olympus

Our mentor programme provides an ecosystem of support to our newcomers in order to help with their transition to university. The newcomers are afforded an opportunity to select their own mentors,

ensuring that they receive a mentorship experience based on genuine relatability and connection between the mentor and mentee.

The mentors further provide the newcomers with information on various events throughout the year, thus, keeping them informed of anything that is important. Our mentors meet up several times throughout the year with their mentees to check up on their well-being; how they are coping academically or even just a coffee break if they are feeling overwhelmed.

The Olympus mentorship programme strives enhance the university experience of our newcomers, through assisting them on their journey of developing into better individuals and creating genuine connections in the community.

Activities and offerings

Olympus is a multifaceted community that strives towards developing Olympians holistically. Not only do we provide a welcoming experience to our newcomers, but multiple year-round initiatives and activities to keep members engaged and connected.

The various activities and portfolios that we offer include:


The welcoming program is focused on inclusivity and having a wide variety of activities that cater to our very diverse community. The welcoming program ensures that newcomers are exposed to the Stellenbosch university campus, are prepared for their university journey and feel comfortable in their new environment. We base this program on the well-being and acclimation of all newcomers. You can refer to the Welcoming Booklet for more information.



We offer a wide variety of cultural activities throughout the year where Olympians can showcase their culture and spirit. The activities provided include, but are not limited to, SU Acapella, the Palesa drama festival, debating and various culture evenings.



Olympus offers multiple sporting opportunities where Olympians not only can take part in and play against other communities on campus but create connections and relationships amongst ​each other in Olympus. The sports offered by Olympus are rugby (PSO Barbarian team), netball, cricket, hockey, soccer and ultimate frisbee. We are always eager and excited to add new sporting disciplines wherever there may be interest.


Leadership development

The emerging leaders' program seeks to develop the leadership potential of our members through critical discussions and educational interactions. This program consists of a variety of collaborations with other stakeholders, which culminates in community interactions and social impact initiatives. This also allows for members to develop their leadership skills and capacity through multiple interactive development workshops.


Critical engagements

One of Olympus' values is centered around creating an environment that helps inspire students to be critically engaged and aware. Several workshops, discussions and interactions are hosted throughout the 

year to foster a spirit of transformation and interaction with people from different walks of life, to learn and grow.

Social impact

As students, we have the opportunity to help others and improve the communities around us. Olympus will be involved with various social impact projects throughout the year, that are open to any volunteers in our community.


Considering that we are still a relatively young CSC, we aim to keep in contact with Olympus alumni, including our past leadership, by informing them of Olympus-related news and the growth of the Olympus community. We also host an annual Alumni event that allows for everyone to get an opportunity to network with one another, furthermore, building stronger bonds within Olympus and Stellenbosch University.


The value of a CSC extends well beyond welcoming newcomers. This portfolio is dedicated to serving our seniors and giving them the opportunity to be involved with the planning and management of the various activities that Olympus has to offer as well as staying connected to your fellow senior Olympians.


Olympus aimed to also aid our members with their academic responsibilities to support them the best we can. We host numerous study nights in which members can study together in a space and help each other when needed, provide study tips and a newly developed tutoring program where Olympians can help each other with common modules.

Olympus is always eager to start new initiatives and clubs for your enjoyment in university. If you would like to recommend or start a new initiative where there is enough interest within the community, such as a club or sport, contact us.

Olympus' Primarium
Khensani Nketane
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