About Aurora

Aurora, a dynamic Commuter Student Community established in 1981 on the Stellenbosch University campus, is more than just a group – it's a vibrant community that transcends academic boundaries. Committed to enriching the university experience for its members, Aurora offers a community within the larger Stellenbosch community. Our mission is to provide a thriving platform for personal growth and connection.

Slogan: "ALIS ET ANIMO" - The Flight of Courage

Our emblem intricately captures the essence of our slogan, representing the flight of courage embodied by our members. The swallow featured in the emblem symbolizes the remarkable journey of courage. During a specific time of the year, swallows courageously cover a distance of two thousand kilometers to the northern hemisphere as summer concludes. The acorn in the emblem signifies Stellenbosch, grounding us in our local roots.


The emblem's background, resembling a horizon, mirrors the very meaning of "aurora" – dawn. This emblem is a powerful symbol, signifying that Aurora students embark on a similar flight of courage each day and throughout their journey at Stellenbosch University. Join Aurora, where the spirit of courage takes flight, and embrace a well-rounded and fulfilling university experience.

Aurora's vision and mission

Aurora aims to be an inclusive space,  where members can embrace their uniqueness. We strive to offer a diverse and enjoyable experience through activities in various portfolios, including socials, sports, social impact, culture, and more. Beyond the fun and camaraderie, our deeper commitment is to facilitate personal growth among our members, forging new friendships and bonds that last throughout their university experience.

Mission: Aurora facilitates the growth of individuals by providing a platform that encourages personal development.

Vision: We aspire to create a lasting community where members return to Aurora and find a home away from home. Aurora's members are driven to effect positive change as active citizens during and after their journey in Aurora.

Aurora's values

Our values are respect, integrity, unity, individuality, and gees.

The history of Aurora

Aurora was established in 1981 and is the oldest mixed CSC as well as one of the biggest CSC's on the Stellenbosch campus. Aurora was best known for partaking in cultural activities on campus. As the CSC has expanded, we participate in various other activities. The leadership opportunities within Aurora started with just a House Committee, Mentors, and a Seniors Committee, but since has identified and filled gaps in the leadership structure with necessary committees such as the Newcomers Committee and Vensters Committee. Over the years Aurora has grown into a diverse community that many can call their home. ​

Mentorship offered by Aurora

The mentor program allocates each newcomer student to a mentor group, where fellow students belong to the same faculty. A mentor from the same faculty – fully equipped with the training and resources necessary – is assigned to the group to assist in any way possible to ensure the smooth transition into tertiary education and university life.


Not only do the mentors play an integral part in welcoming the newcomers during the Orientation programme before classes start, but also provide assistance throughout the course of the academic year. The mentor programme is designed to be one of the many resources available to truly facilitate a sense of belonging not only to their own community but the greater Stellenbosch University community.

Activities and offerings

Aurora provides various opportunities for our members to develop their leadership skills, socialize and have fun!

Culture: Aurora participates in events such as KUKO's Palesa festival for acting and Molassessêr for a capella.

Leadership: Leadership is a cornerstone at Aurora, the House Committee is the driving force, and several specialized subcommittees are steering various aspects of our vibrant community. You can step into leadership through mentorship, the Newcomers Committee, and the Seniors Committee. We also have dynamic subcommittees such as the Sustainability Committee, the Social Impact Committee, the Vensters Committee, and the House Dance Committee which offer unique avenues for our members to actively engage and lead in areas aligned with their interests and passions. So, if you're ready to dive in and have a blast while leading, we've got a spot just for you!

Sport: We offer rugby, netball, hockey, soccer, chess, e-sports, squash, and table tennis.

Critical engagements are offered that focus on important social issues in the form of open discussions, podcasts, and lessons. In addition, offerings with neighbouring communities are had for downtime and to socialize. Social Media giveaways are had whereby Aurora merchandise can be won!


Aurora's Primaria


Klia Verster

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