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About Aurora

Aurora Pso, the home of the social rainbow, the shy at heart, bold in character and the heart of the Red People – another word referring to Aurora PSO members.
With Aurora you are sure to expect an experience lived only by those who call themselves Aurorians. To put it in words, your experience will mostly resemble a rainbow- its Bright; layered in colours yet every colour is moving in the same direction and every colour seems to be supporting the other on the journey that takes them all to end goal or destination.
We make it a culture to make friends, be a friend and to allow ourself to be present and part of the moments or memories that will form each and ever day.
Family is what we become which helps reminding us that  memories made here are and will be as beautiful as we choose to make them.

Aurora's vision and mission

Vision: To achieve versatility while striving towards complete inclusivity. Growing and cultivating leaders and creating a home for thought and creativity.
Mission: Allowing focus to be spread over different spheres of our PSO and encouraging consideration and interaction within our house and top structure. Attempt to encourage and prioritize the growth aspects of our members through building bridges between different social groups while enhancing social cohesion within Aurora never forgetting to Promote critical discourse , innovative thinking both in and around our space.

Aurora's values




Gees (spirit)


The history of Aurora

Background: The bird in the emblem represents the swallow’s flight of courage. At a certain time of year swallows fly two thousand kilometres to the northern hemisphere when summer ends. The acorn in the emblem represents Stellenbosch. The background of the emblem looks like a horizon and resembles the fact that “Aurora” means dawn. The emblem symbolises that Aurora PSO students get up every the morning and take a similar flight of courage to University and through their day
The colours of Red, Blue and Yellow are the official colours of the emblem The inscription on the badge “ALIS ET ANIMO” stands for the flight of courage.
And ulternative Aurora pso logo derived from the concept of the swallow can be seen in some Branding or Aurora pso signage.

Activities and offerings

  • Sport
  • Social
  • Leadership Development

Mentorship offered by Aurora

The Mentorship program is set up in such a way that particular seniors act as an experienced person to a particular group of newcomers. The mentor provides guidance and support in a variety of ways to the developing novice by being a role model, guide, coach or confidante.

Aurora's Primaria


Faith Abrahams

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