About Capri

Capri CSC is a Commuter Student Community established in 2018 that ensures that all private-living students receive the full campus experience. So no, we are not a residence that offers living space, but rather a community that is formed out of many private-living students to ensure that you get the most value out of your university career as possible. As a Capri member, you will have the opportunity to be part of an amazing community and learn everything that you need to know about the university life. ​     

Capri's vision and mission

We, as the leadership of Capri CSC, recognise the need for a more values-based university existence and post-university life. When a society, and individuals, understand and practise values, they will be more able to succeed in life and have a wider understanding and respect towards fellow human beings.


By emphasising our values, and using our meticulously thought out events throughout the year, we want to aid in the transition between life before, life during, and life after university. Cultivating empowerment through friendship (One of our Cluster Values), creating a new home (One of our Community Values), and ensuring a well-rounded individual (One of our University Values).​​


Capri's values

Innovation: Creating new ideas to distinguish us from the rest of Campus. Capri takes pride in our ability to adjust our thinking and to merge that with the values of SU, being able to adjust to change. Keeping traditions that benefit the community and changing those that cause harm. We strive to change, not because of change, but being the change. 


Ubuntu: I am because we are. Capri is a diverse CSC, filled with people of various backgrounds, personalities, orientations, religions and ethnicities, each with a unique perspective and bringing something different and valuable to the table. We promote understanding and compassion to encourage togetherness.


Trots: At Capri, we encourage our members to take pride in the good. Having pride in themselves and in Capri. To always strive to be better. Creating those "Hoendervleis-oomblikke" for our members.

The history of Capri

Capri CSC, established in 2018, is the youngest CSC on campus bringing new and innovative perspectives to the broader campus community. We were formed to emphasise the University of Stellenosch’s Vission and Mission to be a more inclusive and accepting University and student Community. 

Mentorship offered by Capri

Capri CSC mentors act as the vital link between newcomers and the broader Capri family. They engage with you not only during orientation week but throughout the academic year, keeping you in the loop about all things Capri, be it academic pursuits or other activities. Consider them your unsuspecting buddies who help you enjoy and ease the occasionally difficult adjustment to university life.


While the initial days of university may seem a bit overwhelming, they also mark the beginning of the most challenging yet incredible chapter of your life. We're here to arm you with everything you need to not only survive university but thrive beyond. We want you to truly benefit from our well-designed activities, which is why we highly encourage you to take advantage of everything that is offered.​


Activities and offerings


Whether you were a sports enthusiast back in school or have never dipped your toes into the world of sports, we encourage you to join in on the Capri Sports fun. No matter if you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, everyone is invited! It's never too late to give something new a shot.


Someone once said that the beauty of the world lies in its culture. Culture is what unites the world and its people. It shapes and educates us. There are many opportunities throughout the year, big and small, where members can make life-long friends and share their love for culture. This includes culture evenings, game nights, talent shows and many more!

 Leadership development

Capri leadership refers to the active involvement and influential roles undertaken by students within the Capri community. Student leaders take on various responsibilities to enhance the overall campus experience and contribute positively to the academic and social environment.


Capri's Primaria


Lieschke Koegelenberg

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