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About Capri

Capri PSO is a Co-ed PSO on campus that is focused on giving its members an exciting and well-rounded student experience. We have positioned ourselves as your home away from home. We have great pride in our PSO family and are excited to give you the best possible Maties experience here at the University of Stellenbosch.  

Capri's vision and mission

Our vision and mission are ingrained within our values. We strive to effectively support our members to grow in body, mind and character through cooperation, inspiration and perspiration.

Capri's values

Innovation – To change not because of change but BEING the change.
Trots – We strive towards excellence in everything we aspire to accomplish.
Ubuntu – We are people through other people.

The history of Capri

Capri has positioned itself as the most innovative and modern PSO on campus. We look ahead at being the forefront of change on campus and building a legendary history behind the name of Capri.

Activities and offerings

Capri PSO Offers a whole host of activities and opportunities for you as a member. First off, we are situated in and operate from the world class amaMaties Cluster student hub. As a member you will be able to come and relax here, book meals in the Tinie Louw dining hall and even study in our great facilities. Capri PSO also offers multiple sporting opportunities and cultural events that allow you to express your talents and have a great time here at Maties. We are involved in numerous competitions on campus and try our best to offer everyone something that they love. If we don’t offer something that you love, let us know and lets see if we can make it work! On top of that, Capri hosts a variety of our own social events like interactions with other houses and even culture evenings, where we showcase the talent of our members.

Mentorship offered by Capri

Capri has a well-integrated, diverse and experienced mentor group consisting of 20 mentors from different faculties on campus that will be the first line of contact with you when you arrive. They are here to guide you and support you through your first year at Stellenbosch University.

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