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About Pieke

Pieke is a Private Student Organisation established in 1973. We live by our values which are Honour, Excellence, Integrity and service. The House strives to base its decisions on these values and to further the house by living out our motto: Nec Pluribus Impar; which means ‘second to none’.

Pieke's vision and mission

The vision of Pieke PSO is based on the values of our House and is also based on where Pieke finds itself currently:

"Reinforcing the brotherhood and legacy that is Pieke - transforming vision into success. Being transparent, inclusive, innovative, diverse and open for conversation"
It is therefore the mission of Pieke to maintain the unity within the House; treating each Piekeman as equal and providing a platform where it is possible to achieve your full potential. Building on past achievements, but not letting those achievements cloud the legacy that has the potential to produce the Gentlemen of the future.

Pieke's values

We pride ourselves by our values of Honour, Excellence, Integrity and Service.

The history of Pieke

Pieke was established in 1973. In the past 45 years Pieke was formed and shaped by its members to be the home it is today.

Activities and offerings

Pieke aims to provide for the needs of every Piekeman, whether it is sport, academics or culture.
On a cultural level, Pieke Manssêr, our Acapella group, is known as one of the best on campus and have represented Stellenbosch University three times in the past at Nationals hosted by ATKV. We are currently still the only male PSO that has won Maties Kleinsêr (now SU Acapella) as well as Maties Mollasêr. Acapella, and in particular Pieke Manssêr, is one of the highlights for any Piekeman, whether in the group or a spectator. In addition to acapella, Pieke has been a strong competitor in the annual Toneelfees, having won this event several times in the past.
When it comes to the sport field, Pieke has been incredibly successful in a wide range of sporting activities. Our squash team has won the A league, against some of the strongest residences on campus, several times. We are the only PSO to have ever won the inter-residence swimming gala consecutively. Pieke is a strong competitor on the soccer and hockey fields, with both our teams participating in the strongest leagues. Pieke forms part of the PSO Barbarians Rugby team, a team consisting out of players from different male PSOs. The PSO Barbarians is a force to be reckoned with in the Maties Koshuis Rugby League having 5 teams in the 4 leagues. We also participate in activities such as chess and were the winners of the Maties Chess C-league. In recent years Pieke has also performed in table tennis and recently won the second league title.
We value academics, and in order to assist first year students with adapting to university academics, we have a mentorship program in place. The newcomers are assigned to a senior, which acts as a mentor, to assist and guide the student with any academic query. Our mentors have the necessary skills to provide the first years with any assistance they may require, if they need it.
As PSO we have a lot of spirit, despite the fact that we don't live together in a residence. We maintain this spirit by organising numerous events throughout the year, which ranges from a formal House Dance to a Golf day. Pieke aims to create a home away from home, providing safety and security for every new first year.

Mentorship offered by Pieke

We have a mentorship program, run by senior members of Pieke, assisting in academic needs. We also have various other committees for fellow Piekemanne to grow and mentor/be mentored by others in the House.

Pieke's Primarius


Christiaan du Toit

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PSO Coordinator: Jethro Georgiades

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