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SciMathUS success at SU graduation success at SU graduationRozanne Engel / Corporate Communication<p>The Science and Mathematics at Stellenbosch University (SciMathUS) programme has once again delivered successful results at this year's graduation ceremony.<br></p><p>The programme, which is presented by the Stellenbosch University Centre for Pedagogy (SUNCEP), offers students from educationally disadvantaged circumstances across the country a second chance to qualify for higher education. After completing the SciMathUS programme, many of these same students choose to further their tertiary education at Stellenbosch University (SU).</p><p>At the March graduation ceremony, 16 former SciMathUS students will be graduating from various faculties, including the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Since the inception of the programme in 2001, 323 degrees have been awarded to former SciMathUS students.</p><p>This year, the following students will receive degrees at the March graduation ceremony:</p><ul><li>Charlton Roux                  <strong>BComHons </strong></li><li>Rowan Mathews              <strong>BComHons </strong></li><li>Steven O'Ehley                <strong>BComHons </strong></li><li>Lungiswa Tolobisa           <strong>BComHons </strong></li><li>Vuyolwethu Mngeni        <strong>BCom (Economic Sciences)</strong></li><li>Fundeka Ndyoki              <strong>MSc (Food Science)</strong></li><li>Jillian Mary Kuluse          <strong>BScFor</strong></li><li>Anthono Kayster             <strong>BScAgric</strong></li><li>Allistair November          <strong>BEd (General Education)</strong></li><li>Charné Ross                    <strong>BSc (Human Life Sciences)</strong></li><li>Joanne Levendal             <strong>BA (Humanities)</strong></li><li>Siphiwo Zidubule            <strong>BSc (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)</strong></li><li>Reece Murray                  <strong>BSc (Computer Science)</strong></li><li>Mnqweno Mvundlela      <strong>BComHons</strong></li><li>Alupheli Ndudula            <strong>BAcc</strong></li><li>DS Dukhan                      <strong>Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development</strong></li></ul><p>According to Dr Trevor Louw, SUNCEP Director, the success of the SciMathUS students is a testament to the hard work that every staff member at the programme puts into the students. “It's an absolute thrill to see our students performing at this level. They have shown it is possible to overcome the challenges many young people face in our society. Our big thing at SciMathUS has always been to provide access to a second chance at tertiary education. It's even better when that access leads to success."</p><p>Most of the 16 students graduating feel very grateful to the SciMathUS programme and the opportunities that it created for them afterwards. “SciMathUS was the best thing I could have done for myself. Stepping into that course makes you driven and motivated. During the programme, we had to dedicate ourselves to something that would help us in the future. The programme not only helped to improve my marks but it also actually changed my perspective on life as well," says Charné Ross.</p><p>Lungiswa Tolobisa says that the SciMathUS programme helped her to be more conscious of playing it forward and giving back to other prospective SU students. While completing her degrees at SU, she helped with administrative work for prospective SciMathUS students and was a resident mentor at Boland College in Stellenbosch, where many of the SciMathUS students are accommodated while completing the programme. “There are many things you learn throughout the programme that you don't always appreciate until you actually go through experiences and then you can apply those lessons. I wanted to share those experiences with new students in the programme and, hopefully, help them achieve their goals at SU as well."</p><p>According to Reece Murray, who will also be graduating in March, the SciMathUS programme made it possible for him to study what he loves. “I always loved working with computers and completing this programme changed my life. The SciMathUS programme was very encouraging and we really had the best teachers. They always motivated us and pushed us throughout the course. I was able to complete a degree I love and make my mom proud by being the second person in our family to go to university. One day, I hope to return to SU to further my education and, hopefully, have my own software business in the future," says Reece.</p><p>Since the inception of the SciMathUS programme in 2005, more than 1 000 students have successfully completed it. The programme focuses mainly on helping matric learners to improve their National Senior Certificate marks in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. The programme also offers Accounting and Introduction to Economics.</p><p>In SciMathUS, students have class every week from 08:00 to 16:30.</p><p>• Matriculants can contact Adele Poole at 021 808 3032 or for more information about the programme.</p><p>• For more information on the programme, please liaise with Programme Manager Nokwanda Siyengo at 021 808 2356. <br></p><p><br></p>
6th graduation ceremony: Business School proud of student numbers and quality of learning & teaching graduation ceremony: Business School proud of student numbers and quality of learning & teachingCorporate Communications Division<div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify" unselectable="on"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div><p>​In its second graduation ceremony for the week, the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, which is the largest faculty at Stellenbosch University (SU), conferred a final number of degrees on Friday (23 March 2018), bringing its total graduates for the 2017 academic year to 3 232. An honorary degree was also awarded to Prof Mervyn King. During the week's proceedings, altogether 13 honorary degrees were bestowed on esteemed thought leaders as part of commemorating SU's Centenary.<br></p><p>In his welcoming address, Prof Wim de Villiers, SU's Rector and Vice-Chancellor, said that in commemorating its Centenary, SU is celebrating “great achievements and ground-breaking discoveries the past 100 years".</p><p>“We acknowledge everyone who has helped mould this institution. At the same time, the University acknowledges its contribution to the injustices of the past and remains committed to redress and development."</p><p>De Villiers added: “Economic and Management Sciences has been very successful in boosting access to higher education. For the past decade, it has participated in the Thuthuka project, which aims to produce more chartered accountants from previously disadvantaged groups. And in the past year, 40% of the Faculty's income was used to help cover students' tuition fees."</p><p>“It is not only about the numbers of students we accommodate, but also the quality of learning and teaching we provide. For instance, a number of MBAs will be awarded today, and I am pleased to point out that the University of Stellenbosch Business School was the first business school at an African university to achieve all three of the major international accreditations in this field," De Villiers said.</p><p>“We also know that good governance is absolutely essential in both the private and public sectors. In this regard, SU's School of Public Leadership, which is part of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, prepares graduates – many of whom work in local government – to tackle governance challenges. It also provides specialist anti-corruption education and training through a dedicated research chair and centre."</p><p>Turning to the honorary doctorate recipients, De Villiers said they not only exemplified the graduate attributes to be instilled in students, but also the qualities that SU needed to take with it into the future as it entered its second century as a leading university.</p><p>Shortly after receiving his honorary doctorate, Prof King told graduates: “Thank you for the honour bestowed on me. It's been a long walk to sustainable development. As professional advisors for your future companies, you will have a professional duty. You will be caretakers of this planet and have the moral duty towards those who come after us to try and leave behind a sustainable planet. You have an important role to play. You spent years at this great university. Do not forget your fellow graduates, as your alumni colleagues will be important to you for the rest of your life." <br></p><p>To read the Rector's speech, click <span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-4"><strong><a href="/english/Documents/Graduation/SpeechToespr%206Voorsitter%20Mrt%202018%20-%20EBW(a).pdf">here. </a></strong></span><br></p><p><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-4"><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0">To read more on the honorary degree recipients, click</span> <a href="/english/Lists/news/DispForm.aspx?ID=5448"><strong>here. </strong></a></span></p><p><br></p>
Third graduation ceremony: “Stellenbosch today is a much better university” graduation ceremony: “Stellenbosch today is a much better university”Corporate Communications Division<p>​​​ Students from the faculties of AgriSciences as well as Medicine and Health Sciences of Stellenbosch University (SU) graduated this afternoon, while the University also bestowed honorary doctorates on Prof Peter Jones, Prof André Nel and Dr Imtiaz Sooliman.<br></p><p>In his welcoming address at the ceremony, Prof Wim de Villiers, SU Rector and Vice-Chancellor, said: “By the end of this week's graduation ceremonies, and following those of December 2017, we will again have awarded a record number of qualifications for a single academic year – 9 032 in total, including 1 620 master's degrees and 305 PhDs. These are phenomenal numbers! Clearly, Stellenbosch University is making an invaluable contribution as a national asset."<br></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div><p><br></p><p>Against the backdrop of valuable lessons from the institution's complex history, SU's Centenary signifies a new beginning for the University, De Villiers said. “We strive to be a relevant institution that plays a key role in the development of our nation and our continent. And we are committed to contribute to a society of dignity, healing, justice, freedom and equality for all."<br></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div><p><br></p><p>“I always tell people that Stellenbosch today is a much better university than when I obtained my MBChB and MMed here in 1983 and 1991 respectively. And that is mainly for three reasons: We are more research-intensive; we are becoming ever more diverse while also maintaining a module pass rate of over 85% – among the highest in the country – in line with our aim of broadening access with success, and we have a greater international outlook."<br></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div><p><br></p><p>“This we also see reflected in AgriSciences, one of the University's four founding faculties. Held in high regard globally, the Faculty occupies the top position in Africa on the QS World University Rankings by subject for both agriculture and forestry," he added.</p><p>The honorary doctorate recipients Jones, Nel, and Sooliman expressed their thankfulness when addressing the guests.<br></p><p>Jones:  " No honour can beat the honour that you get from your home country. I am also grateful to the people who helped me to where I am today."<br></p><p>Nel: " It is an honour and privilege to receive this honour from my alma mater."<br></p><p>Sooliman: " I am honour to be honour by this university and people of the town."<br></p><p>To read the Rector's speech, click<a href="/english/Documents/Graduation/SpeechToespr%203Voorsitter%20Mrt%202018%20-%20AGR,%20GGWreg.pdf"> <span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-4"><strong>here. </strong></span></a><br></p><p><span style="color:#333333;font-family:"noto sans", helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;">Read more about the 13 recipients of the honorary doctorates of SU </span><a href="/english/Lists/news/DispForm.aspx?ID=5448" style="color:#666666;outline:0px;font-family:"noto sans", helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;"><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0"><strong>here </strong></span></a><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0" style="font-family:"noto sans", helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;background-color:#ffffff;"><strong>.</strong></span> <br><br></p>
No admission for guests without tickets admission for guests without ticketsCorporate Communication/ Korporatiewe Kommunikasie<p>​​As the seating in the Coetzenburg Centre is limited, and Stellenbosch University has to comply with national legislation and municipal by-laws, a specific number of admission tickets for guests will be allocated per graduand*. <br></p><p>For all the graduation ceremonies, excluding the morning ceremony of 23 March 2018, <strong>four tickets</strong> will be issued to all graduands excluding doctorates. Doctoral candidates will each receive <strong>five tickets</strong> for the first five graduation ceremonies.</p><p>Approximately 900 graduands are expected at the last graduation ceremony (Friday, 23 March). Therefore only <strong>three tickets</strong> will be issued per graduand, and <strong>four tickets</strong> per doctorate.</p><p>Guests who arrive at the Coetzenburg Centre without admission tickets will be accommodated in the Sports Science building just behind the centre where guests may can follow the graduation ceremonies via live streaming.</p><p>*Terminology: a graduand (graduands) is a person on the verge of being awarded a degree; a graduate (graduates) is a person who has just graduated.</p><p>​ </p><p><br></p><p><br></p>
UWC athlete again winner of Dagbreek Street Mile athlete again winner of Dagbreek Street MileMartin Viljoen <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>As in 2017, an athlete from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) won this year's Dagbreek Straatmyl (Street Mile). Ashley Smith completed the race in Victoria Street in Stellenbosch in a good time of 4:08,96. Johan Cronje, who also participated yesterday (Tuesday, March 6, 2018), is however still the only athlete who can boast running a dream mile – a mile in under 4 minutes – at the event. </span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>The Dagbreek Straatmyl forms part of the “Straatmylfees” (Street Mile Festival) which this year had an international flavour to it with the Dutch star athlete Luuk Wagenaar, who also participated. Wagenaar was 5th in a time of 4:13. Second over the finish line was Bruce-Lynn Damons (also UWC) and Deon-Lee Hendrichs (in the colors of Stellenbosch Athletics Club) who came third. </span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>Last year's winner, Duwayne Philander, had to settle for fourth place, while Cronje who is still on the mend after an operation, ran a solid race and was placed in the top 10. </span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>It was already the eighth time that the Straatmylfees was held and again formed part of the Stellenbosch University (SU) Woordfees (Word Fest). </span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>In the Open Women category Yandiswa Shanye was first at the finish in a time of 5:14,64, Daniel Cronje of Kovsies was second in 5:27, 47 and Maties’ Yvonne Steenkamp crossed the line in third place in a time of 5:27,47.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>As for the Men’s Open category more than a hundred athletes took to the street. Cheered on by a decent number of spectators, some runners sported some very interesting outfits with Spiderman and Superman also strutting their stuff. </span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>On a more serious note, Sylvin Dirkse - in the colours of the Stellenbosch Athletics Club - won this division in a good time of 4:27, 23.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>The number of participants in the PNA Schools Categories also grew well this year with races held for boys and girls in the u.15 and u.19 age groups. New to the programme was a race for veterans – men <span> </span>and women over 40. Here Max Rupert, who runs for Strand, had the bragging rights in a time of 5:25, 85.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>Always popular at the Straatmyl is the skateboarding division, </span><span style="color:#333333;background:none 0% 0% repeat scroll white;">to the best of the organisers' knowledge the only skateboard mile race in South Africa</span>. <span>Here, a “dream mile” was again recorded with Ben Fish who was crowned king in a time of 3: 42,44.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>Francois Fouché, the main organiser, said he is very impressed with the growth in the number of participants in all the categories and is particularly excited about the Masters Division which has the potential to show great growth. “With the Commonwealth Games taking place in April, the South African Championships was shifted and, unfortunately, several top athletes could not participate this year, but we are looking forward to seeing an even bigger group of athletes taking part in next year’s event.”</span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span style="color:#333333;background:none 0% 0% repeat scroll white;">The first Dagbreek Straatmyl was held in 2011 in honour of Maties alumnus De Villiers Lamprecht. He was the first South African athlete to run a dream mile (the mile in under four minutes) – a distance of 1 609 m. The historic race took place on 13 November 1964 at Coetzenberg Stadium in Stellenbosch. De Villiers was a resident at Dagbreek Men's Residence at the time.</span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>Sponsors included Puma, PNA, ASLA, Submerged Industrial, Niva, the VDM Group, Oak Stadium and the SU Alumni Office. Refreshments were provided by Coke.<br></span></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;"><span>Photos: Digital Image Warehouse</span><br></p><br>
Arch enemies to square off for ‘rugby match of the century’ enemies to square off for ‘rugby match of the century’Corporate Communication / Korporatiewe Kommunikasie<p>​The rugby match of the century. This is how the Varsity Cup rugby match between arch rivals Stellenbosch University (SU) and the University of Cape Town (UCT) in the Danie Craven Stadium at Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch on Monday night (5 March 2018), can be described. <br></p><p>At 19:00 the two universities will square off for their 106<sup>th</sup> intervarsity game in the year SU marks its <a href="/100">centenary</a>. The proud tradition of the two “arch enemies" – Maties and Ikeys – is still going strong, but no love will be lost when they tackle each other head-on on Monday.</p><p>Some 18 000 spectators are expected at the game to be televised on Supersport, while the super popular Maties mascot, Pokkel, will be cheering on the Maties players and fans.</p><p><strong>“Maties" and “Ikeys"</strong><strong>  </strong></p><p>According to the SU centenary publication, <em>Stellenbosch University 100: 1918-2018, </em><a href="/english/Lists/news/DispForm.aspx?ID=5493">(see article</a>) the history of the origin of the names “Maties" and “Ikeys" dates back to 1905 when the word “Maties" was already used in journals. It referred to new students as “maats" of the campus – later becoming Maties. Later UCT made fun of the word by changing it to “Tamaties" and also an association with the maroon colour of SU's rugby jerseys. </p><p>Stellenbosch students gave their opponents the name Ikeys around 1919. Some say the word Ikeys can be connected to a Jewish name “Isaac" (or Ike), while another explanation is that it is derived from the Afrikaans word  “outjies" as used in Intervarsity songs like “Die Kaapse outjies het van ons al menig' pak gekry".</p><p><strong>A century of rivalry </strong></p><p>Maties and Ikeys have already played 105 games over the past 107 years. Of these matches Maties won 70, Ikeys 19 and 16 games were drawn. The total points scored by Maties over the century is 1 603 and 370 for Ikeys. The teams first played in 1911, albeit as the South African College and the Victoria College, seven years before both universities were officially established on the same day – 2 April 1918. In the first game in 1911, Ikeys won 9-0. The match in 1918 was a tie with no team being able to put points on the board. </p><p>Prof Wim de Villiers, SU Rector and Vice-Chancellor, and his UCT counterpart, Dr Max Price, Vice-Chancellor, will be among the distinguished guests at the match on Monday. “The two heads will together cut a birthday cake at halftime – symbolising the fact that both SU and UCT (as a degree awarding institution) were officially established in 1918 on the same day (<a href="">link </a>to UCT history).<br></p><p><strong>Springboks attending</strong></p><p>Prior to the match, SU's Development and Alumni Relations Division will be hosting a special event at Die Stal at Coetzenburg. More than 30 former Matie Springbok players will be the guests of honour. These include Schalk Burger, Jan Boland Coetzee, Morné du Plessis, Dawie de Villiers, Carel du Plessis, Mannetjies Roux, Dawie Snyman, Rob Louw, Tiaan Strauss, Divan Serfontein, Pieter Rossouw, Breyton Paulse, Corné Krige, Chester Williams and Avril Malan. </p><ul><li>Liaise with Marvin Koopman at tel 021 808 9265, e-mail <a href=""></a>  for more information on the alumni event. </li></ul><p>After the event, they will be part of a parade on the rugby field before the main event starts.  </p><p>Adding lustre to the event are more than 100 flags to be erected around the stadium – each with a unique date on.</p><p>Curtain raisers to the main event are the Maties Young Guns vs their UCT counterparts (14:00), while Maties' Huis Marais takes on the CUT Lions from Bloemfontein. </p><ul><li><strong>Tickets</strong> for the match are available at <a href="">webtickets</a>.  </li></ul>
‘Straatmylfees’ gets an international flavour‘Straatmylfees’ gets an international flavourCorporate Communication / Korporatiewe Kommunikasie<p>This year, Stellenbosch's well-known 'Straatmylfees' (Street Mile Festival) gets an international flavour for the first time with Dutch athletic star Luuk Wageneaar already entered for the race. The Straatmylfees is held this year for the eight time – on 6 March at 18:00.</p><p>Six races are held in the picturesque Victoria Street in Stellenbosch, and the Straatmylfees forms part of Stellenbosch University's annual <a href="">Woordfees</a> (Word Fest).</p><ul><li><em>Click </em><a href=""><em>here</em></a><em> </em><em>for a short video of the 2017 Straatmylfees</em><em> </em></li></ul><p>The first Dagbreek Straatmyl was held in 2011 in honour of Maties alumnus De Villiers Lamprecht. He was the first South African athlete to run a dream mile (the mile in under four minutes) – a distance of 1 609 m. The historic race took place on 13 November 1964 at Coetzenberg Stadium in Stellenbosch. De Villiers was a resident at Dagbreek Men's Residence at the time.</p><p>Olympic athlete and champion Johan Cronje is attempting to reclaim the special dream mile trophy this year after not being able to participate last year due to an operation. The winners then were Duwayne Philander of the University of the Western Cape and Maties' Yvonne Steenkamp in the women's category.</p><p>“Meanwhile, Cronje left Bloemfontein for Stellenbosch where he is producing a film, Liewe Lisa, together with his actor brother Hendrik Cronje, from 7de Laan fame", explains Francois Fouche, organiser of the Straatmylfees. “Hendrik is also an athlete and is participating in the race."</p><p>“Cronje (Johan) is to date the only athlete to run a dream mile in Victoria Street. This he accomplished in 2015", adds Fouche.</p><p>The PNA Schools Races are growing in popularity with under-15 and under-19 categories for males and females respectively. PNA sponsors two special prizes, one for the school with the most participants and one for the school with the best performance. </p><p>The other categories are open categories for men and women, plus the elite race for men. Big prizes and a lucky draw are at stake for athletes. The first 10 athletes in every race receive a special medal and the top 30 in the men and women categories.</p><p>For the first time this year, there will also be a veteran's race.</p><p><strong>Skateboard category</strong></p><p>Unique to the Stellenbosch Straatmylfees is the skateboard category – to the best of the organisers' knowledge the only skateboard mile race in South Africa. The race is held for the third time. The previous two years, the winners completed the race in less than four minutes. Skateboard races form part of the 2020 Olympic Games. </p><p>“SU residences are encouraged to challenge each other in the open category. SU celebrates its <a href="/100">Centenary</a> this year, and the theme <em>forward together</em> fits well with the Straatmylfees – we must run together", says Fouche.</p><p>In between races, music is provided to create a festive atmosphere and there will also be entertainment. Spectators are encouraged to support the athletes <em>en masse</em>. </p><p>Sponsors include Puma, PNA, ASLA, Submerged Industrial, Niva, the VDM Group, <em>Eikestadnuus</em> and the SU Alumni Office. Refreshments are supplied by Coca-Cola.</p><ul><li>The entrance fee is R30 for athletes, and entries can be done in front of Dagbreek Men's Residence in Victoria Street. Athletes start at the top of Victoria Street. </li><li><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-size:11pt;font-family:"calibri", sans-serif;">Contact Francois Fouche at </span><span style="font-size:11pt;font-family:"calibri", sans-serif;"><a href=""><span lang="EN-GB" style="color:windowtext;text-decoration:none;"></span></a> </span><span lang="EN-GB" style="font-size:11pt;font-family:"calibri", sans-serif;">for more information.</span></li></ul>
Weekend's commemorative events form highlight of SU Centenary's commemorative events form highlight of SU CentenaryCorporate Communication / Korporatiewe Kommunikasie <p>As part of the commemoration of Stellenbosch University's <a href="/100">Centenary</a>, two special events will take place in conjunction with the SU <a href="">Woordfees</a> (Word Fest): the Centenary Concert is held on Friday 2 March (18:00 to 23:00), while a Family Day takes place on Saturday, 3 March – after the Centenary Fun Walk through the streets of Stellenbosch.</p><p>The Centenary Concert and Family Day wil both take place at Coetzenburg (tickets available via Computicket) while there are no costs to take part in the Fun Walk. </p><p>Saturday's Fun Walk starts at 07:30 at the Old Lückhoff School in Banghoek Road. It was specifically chosen to acknowledge residents who had suffered during the forced evictions of the families living on “Die Vlakte", and to symbolically cross the so-called Banghoek Divide from there.</p><p>Participants in the Fun Walk will get free access to Coetzenburg after completing the walk. Register by sending a Whatsapp message with your full name, ID number and contact number to 082 287 1764. </p><p>Artists like Gloria Bosman, Tim Moloi, Laurika Rauch, Coenie de Villiers, Valiant Swart, Arno Carstens, Brandon October, J'Something and Mi Casa will take to the stage on Friday night. Saturday will see a military parade by the Military Academy, parachute jumpers, a performance by the elite air force unit the Silver Falcons, a production of Peter and the Wolf, and performances by artists such as Les Javan, Theuns Jordaan, Jeremy Loops and Jimmy Nevis – on two stages.  There are also stalls and merry-go-rounds.</p><ul><li>See <a href="/100"></a> (centenary) and <a href=""></a> (Word Fest) for more information. </li></ul><p> </p><p><strong>MORE ON THE EVENTS</strong></p><p>The <strong>CENTENARY CONCERT</strong> takes place at Coetzenburg from 18:00 to 23:00.  </p><p><strong>18:00-20:00</strong></p><p>The <strong>SU Jazz Band</strong>, conducted by Felicia Lesch, accompanies <strong>Gloria Bosman</strong> and <strong>Tim Moloi</strong> with “big band" hits, from <em>Mack the Knife</em> to <em>Meadowlands</em>. The <strong>Soetstemme</strong> from Solms Delta entertain with their infectious energy; proud Stellenbosch singing duo <strong>TWEE</strong> perform their hits;  and the <strong>Dennegeur</strong> <strong>Marimba</strong> <strong>band</strong> contributes to the contagious festival spirit.</p><p><strong>20:00-22:00</strong></p><p>The <strong>Centenary Orchestra</strong>, with alumni members of SU, conducted by maestro Marvin Kernelle, excels with masterpieces by Leonard Bernstein and Dimitri Sjostakowich. This orchestra accompanies <strong>Laurika Rauch</strong>, <strong>Coenie de Villiers</strong> and <strong>Valiant Swart</strong>. The highly acclaimed <strong>Minette du Toit-Pearce</strong> sings with her promising students; the internationally awarded <strong>SU Choir</strong> performs with alumnus <strong>Arno Carstens</strong>, and there are many melodious highlights by <strong>Heavenly Quartez</strong>, <strong>Brandon October</strong> and 30 young violinists from the Ronnie Samaai Music Education Project.</p><p><strong>22:00-23:00</strong></p><p><strong>J'Something</strong> and his 'familia' <strong>Mi Casa</strong> conclude the evening in their contemporary South African fashion.</p><ul><li>Please book at Computicket. <br></li></ul><p><strong>CENTENARY FUN WALK and FAMILY DAY</strong></p><p>On 3 March it is time for the<strong> </strong><strong>CENTENARY FUN WALK and FAMILY DAY</strong>. Participants in the Fun Walk meet at 07:30 at the Old Lückhoff School in Banghoek Road. It was specifically chosen to acknowledge residents who had suffered during the forced evictions of the families living on “Die Vlakte", and to symbolically cross the so-called Banghoek Divide from there.</p><p>From the school, the route crosses the central campus and ends at Coetzenburg where entertainment awaits the whole family. This includes a parade by the Military Academy, parachute jumpers, a performance by the elite air force unit the Silver Falcons, a production of Peter and the Wolf, and appearances by artists such as Les Javan, Theuns Jordaan, Jeremy Loops and Jimmy Nevis. There are two stages, stalls and merry-go-rounds, and a beer and wine tent for the adults. Bring your own chair and blanket and just relax! And if you want to bring your own cooler-box food (but without glass or alcohol) you may buy your cooler-box ticket at Computicket.</p><p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:6pt 0cm;line-height:normal;">If you wish to participate in the Coetzenburg events only, buy your ticket via Computicket (prices between R150 and R60). However, those who participate in the fun walk get free access to Coetzenburg after completing the walk. You need to only register before 06:00 on 3 March by sending a Whatsapp with your full name, ID number and contact number (of you or your guardian) to the following number: 082 287 1764. Since places are limited, please register as soon as possible.<span lang="AF"><br></span><span lang="EN"></span></p>
SU’s social impact endeavours kick off with flair, fun and imagination’s social impact endeavours kick off with flair, fun and imaginationCorporate Communications Division<p>Stellenbosch University's (SU) student volunteer social impact efforts for the year kicked off this week (1 February) with thousands of enthusiastic newcomer students participating in the annual social impact morning with fun, flair and imagination. <br></p><p>Newcomers from all the residences and private student wards' focused their social impact initiatives on the University's broader social impact themes of Education for All; Employment & Inclusive Economic Development; Environment & Sustainability; Food Security & Health; Resources & Infrastructure; Safety, Security & Good Governance; and Social & Gender Justice. </p><p>In a joyous and imaginative way, students starting these social impact endeavours are simultaneously introduced to a well-rounded student life and out of class learning experiences. The social impact endeavours, which will continue throughout the year, are also aimed at introducing community development initiatives to all new students and building on the culture of enhancing social impact at SU. </p><p>Mihle Senene of Minerva residence said: “This is a good initiative and it feels great to be involved in it. I love to play with the kids."</p><p>Amidst howls of laughter and merriment, students of Minerva and Majuba residences romped and played with more than 50 children from the Hannah Foundation in Cloetesville in Stellenbosch's JS Marais Park. </p><p>Neil de Kock from Majuba pointed out that their social impact initiative in collaboration with the Hannah Foundation has already been going for some three years and will continue this year under the guidance of Majuba and Nerina residences. </p><p>Neil explained: “We will go to the school on a weekly basis. Last year we took the children on an outing to the beach at Strand. Some of them had never been on a beach before and it was an amazing and fun filled day."</p><p>The students from Vesta, Eendrag, Helshoogte, Irene and Aristea welcomed more than 60 learners from Klapmuts Primary School. They played games, danced and enjoyed several other sporting activities. </p><p>The students from Helshoogte, Irene and Vesta also made over 500 sandwiches for the learners of Klapmuts. Gracaire Williams, a teacher, said the learners were very excited to spend the day with SU students. </p><p>Emile de Beer from Vesta said the initiatives would continue this year. He added: “We will visit them on a weekly basis and offer assistance in Maths tutoring, language and sport. We also read stories together."</p><p>At Huis ten Bosch women's residence, more than 40 children, not older than six, travelled from the ARK Educare Centre in Khayelitsha to have a fun day with students of Huis ten Bosch and another women's residence,  Serruria. </p><p>Meverin Nokhaya from ARK Educare Centre said they are very appreciative of this initiative, as they do not have the funds to make outings such as these possible for the children of the school. She said the initiative contributes a great deal to the social development of the children and affords them exposure to things they have never seen before.</p><p>Other Matie residences' social impact activities included donating food to the disaster unit of the Stellenbosch Municipality; visiting children at schools; rendering assistance to animal welfare organisations; visiting elderly people; tidying the environment and even establishing a campus vegetable garden.<br></p><p><br> </p>
#helloMaties - Stay Safe - Stay SafeCorporate Communication/ Korporatiewe Kommunikasie<p>​​Stellenbosch University(SU) has a dedicated Campus Security team who have implemented various initiatives to ensure a safe campus for all students and staff.<br></p><p>Some of the services include the following:</p><p>Safety escort at night: </p><p>If you need to move between campus buildings, or from a building to your car after dark (20:00 – 05:00), a security officer will escort you. Call 021 808 2333 or alternatively 021 808 4202 and wait for the officer to join you. You can also Whatsapp the security office at 082 808 2333 to contact you.</p><p>Shuttle service: </p><p>On weekdays the shuttle service runs from 07:00 to 17:30 on a fixed schedule from the general parking area on the edge of the campus to central campus (refer to At night it runs on the hour from 18:00 to 02:00 from the Neelsie parking area at the main entrance to the Neelsie (east side). The buses run up to a 6 km radius from the central campus. This service is available from Monday to Sunday during class and exam periods. You need your student card to make use of this service. </p><p>Safest routes: </p><p>Bosman and Victoria streets are the safest routes. At night a security officer is on duty in the mobile security kiosk. Students are encourage to save the following emergency numbers on their mobile phones:</p><p>Stellenbosch campus 24-hour emergency number: </p><ul><li>021 808 2333<br></li></ul><p>Enquiries / reporting / safety escort: </p><ul><li>021 808 2333 or alternatively 021 808 4202<br></li></ul><p>Tygerberg campus 24-hour emergency number:</p><ul><li>021 938 9507<br></li></ul><p>Whatsapp:</p><ul><li>​082 808 2333 <br></li></ul><p>For more information, visit the Campus Security webpage.</p><p><br><br></p>