Earth Sciences
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Our Postgraduates 2017

In 2017 the Department of Earth Sciences has

14 Doctoral students

29 M.Sc. students

and 27 B.Sc. Honours students

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Undergraduate Mentor Program


This program consists of masters students acting as mentors for the undergraduate geology students. Undergraduates can contact mentors via email in which they can address any and all question they might have. Questions may be responded to electronically or personally by the mentors and extra classes can be held bi-weekly on request.
The mentors currently in the program are:
Louis Jonk
Schalk Walters
Phillip Geldenheys


Posgraduates of the past years

In 2016 the Department of Earth Sciences had 112Doctoral students, 25 M.Sc. students and 24 B.Sc. Honours students

In 2015 the Department of Earth Sciences had 11 Doctoral students, 27 M.Sc. students and 26 B.Sc. Honours students


Honours 2015